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neural correlates of individual differences in hypnotizability; (2) alterations in neural activity accompanying the induction of hypnosis, especially in individuals who are highly hypnotizable to begin with; and (3) the neural correlates of response. From a social-psychological point of view, it may reflect the influence of the hypnotic context on the causal attributions that subjects make about their own behavior. Fortunately, a recent study indicates that concerns about the noise levels and physical restrictions associated with fMRI have probably been overstated. Investigators who wish to use advanced brain-imaging methods to identify the neural correlates of hypnosis and suggestion face a dilemma. It seems likely that hypnosis can play a similar role in neuroscience. From a cognitive point of view, it may reflect a division of consciousness which effectively prevents hypnotized subjects from being aware of their own role as active agents generating their responses to the hypnotist's suggestions. The implications of the Spiegel and Barabasz analysis were put to a direct test by, who showed that suggestions to see "nothing at all" enhanced P300 response to a visual stimulus among highly hypnotizable subjects, while suggestions to "imagine a cardboard box blocking the computer.

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For more than a century, psychologists have viewed hypnosis as intrinsically interesting, a challenge for psychological theory to explain; now hypnosis is also viewed as interesting for what it can tell 40 sexdating us about other things - like consciousness. Woody and his colleagues go so far as to suggest that, in many ways, hypnotized subjects are similar to patients with lesions in the prefrontal cortex, while Gruzelier has cited support for associations between hypnosis and the activation of anterior fronto-limbic inhibitory processes - particularly. More recently, hypnosis has begun to be employed as a method for manipulating subjects' mental states, both cognitive and affective, to provide information about the neural substrates of experience, thought, and action. Psychophysiological studies have produced conflicting results. Given that both hypnosis and hysteria involve alterations in the monitoring and controlling functions of consciousness (Kihlstrom, 1997 it seems likely that brain structures critical for executive functions will be involved, regardless of the specific content of the suggestion or symptom. The most thorough of these studies was reported by Ray and his colleagues, who took advantage of advanced EEG technology to examine alpha, beta, and theta activity recorded separately from frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital sites of both left and right hemispheres in hypnotizable and.

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