3 Hacking Hacking – currently defined as to gain illegal or unauthorized access to a file, computer, or network The term has changed over time Phase 1: early. 1 A Gift of Fire Third edition Sara Baase Chapter 4: Intellectual Property Original Slides prepared by Cyndi Chie and Sarah Frye Adapted by Enas Naffar for use. What We Will Cover Rapid Pace of Change New Developments and Dramatic Impacts Issues and Themes Ethics.

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Right to life Right to be free from assault Right to use your property Declaration of Independence: If you’re interested in creating a cost-saving package for your students, contact your Pearson rep. The people who posted the documents argued it was a editio use. Using privacy audits to check for leaks of information, review the company’s privacy policyetc.

Connectix Corporation Courts ruled that reverse engineering does not violate copyright if the intention is to make new creative works video gamesnot copy the original work the game systems Original Slides prepared by Yift Chie and Sarah Frye Adapted by Enas Naffar for use in Computing Ethics course —Philadelphia university. Peer-to-peer technology makes transferring and sharing files easier. This text is ideal for courses in Computer Ethics and Computers and Society.

Why did naase remove it? Intellectual Property n Based on My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Search engines make finding material easier. We think you have liked this presentation. Instructor resource file download The work bsase protected by local and international copyright laws and is provided solely for the use of instructors in teaching their courses and assessing student learning.

A Gift of Fire, 2edChapter 7: Use the list in Fig.

Using usernames and passwords for Blogs visitors familyfriends, etc. We think you have liked this presentation. Banning, suing and taxing It penalizes products, companies and activities that do not always infringe copyrights.


Focus on Process of human interaction Focus on Result of human interaction. A web site where a woman can publish the names and bbaase of men who other women should watch out for has made the news recently.

Gift of Fire, A: Social, Legal, and Ethical Issues for Computing and the Internet, 3rd Edition

Identity theft can arise when public records are accessed How should we control access to sensitive public records? How will life be different than it is today?

Napster’s arguments for fair use The Sony decision allowed for entertainment use to be considered fair use Did not hurt industry sales because users sampled the music on Frie and bought the CD if they liked it Original Slides prepared by Cyndi Chie and Sarah Frye Adapted by Enas Naffar for use in Computing Ethics course —Philadelphia university.

Re-identification has become much easier due to the quantity of information and power of data search and analysis tools. Information on the Internet seems to last forever. Share buttons are a thirx bit lower. He got most of his information from other Web sources. Personal information in blogs and online profiles Pictures of ourselves and our families File sharing and storing Is privacy old-fashioned?

Authentication of and Web sites Use of encryption to securely store data, so it is useless if stolen Authenticating customers to prevent use of stolen numbers, may trade convenience for security In the event information is stolen, a fraud alert can flag your credit report; some businesses will cover the cost of a credit report if your information has been stolen.

Banning, suing and taxing Should we ban or restrict a technology, a device or a software because it has the potential for illegal use? What do you think about this approach?! Free software – idea, an ethic, advocated and supported by large group of computer programmers who allow people to copy, use, and modify their software.

A Gift of Fire Sara Baase Chapter 6: Work Third edition

Even if something is illegal in both countries, the exact law and associated penalties may vary Where a thidd is held is important not just for differences in the law, but also the costs associated with travel between the countries; cases can take some time to come to trial and may require numerous trips Freedom of speech suffers if businesses follow laws of the most restrictive countries.


Private information can be used to: Patents protect inventions of new things or processes The Supreme Court said that software could not be patented; however a machine that included software could In s and s, U. Positive right to job: Biological characteristics unique to an individual No external item card, keys, etc. fdition

New to This Edition. Why should we care?

A Gift of Fire Third edition Sara Baase – ppt download

My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. How can you distinguish between an that is a phishing attempt and an from a legitimate business?

Security and Trust in E- Commerce. RIAA’s Recording Industry Association of America arguments against fair use “Personal” meant very limited use, not trading with thousands of strangers Songs and music are creative works and thitd were copying whole songs Claimed Napster severely hurt sales Court ruled sharing music via copied MP3 files violated copyright Original Slides prepared by Thid Chie and Sarah Frye Adapted by Enas Naffar for use in Computing Ethics course —Philadelphia university.

Vulnerability of data – Leaks of data happens, existence of data presents a risk.

Designing Communications Systems for Interception: At what age does it apply to children? A bit of History cont. Blogs and Video Sharing. Old problems in a new context: