Read story A Questionable Client by IlonaAndrews (Ilona Andrews) with reads. slavic, postapocalyptic, shapeshifter. QUESTIONABLE. All about A Questionable Client [short story] by Ilona Andrews. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. New York Times bestselling authors Jeaniene Frost and Ilona Andrews bring you two short Ilona Andrews’ story, A Questionable Client, is a prequel to her.

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It turns out that he shifted into a beautiful young woman and clienf a Russian volhv so that he could get close enough to steal a rare acorn from the World Oak.

Behind me the lock clicked. It was that or lose my precious coffee. Nov 30, Haz rated it it was amazing. Oct 24, Ferdy rated it liked it Shelves: The only thing that keeps me protecting you is professional pride.

A Questionable Client

A short story teling us how Saiman and Kate met. Want to Read saving…. Ah yes, a pile of money.

She kills a few endars green fur creatures driven crazy by blood and a Badzula a middle aged woman in a filthy blanket that incites people to vagrancy and she saves him from the volhvs who serve pagan Slavic gods. The woman sprang into a kick. The creature leaned forward slowly, showing me a long conical head. A tomato and red onion would be quite lovely as well. It’s good to be home and stuff. As I love Kate, too, I can’t really blame Saiman; even if he is a creepy bastard.

It will take a really special character to unseat him from his place in my heart!!! I grabbed the head, tossed it into the elevator, dragged the body in there, sent the whole thing to the ground floor, sprinted back inside, and locked the door, reactivating the ward.


Not to mention the World Oak’s acorn and the cat that walks the chain around the tree that sprouts from it. She is tired, clieent, and there is foul-smelling blood on her boots. I promise you a week of total bliss — assuming we survive. There is a passing mention of Jim as her sometimes partner, the introduction of the Russians, and questionsble neat picture of what Atlanta looks like post-Shift.

Shivers sparked down my back. They serve pagan Slavic gods, and they have thousands of years of magic tradition to draw on. It let out a piercing screech, like a circular saw biting into the wood, and charged. On regular jobs, I had to depend only on myself.

If he was anything like other shapeshifters, he was dying of thirst and hunger clien about now. Everybody was an expert, everybody had a cure, and they all fell over themselves to offer their advice. Something bad was in the apartment. With an ego bigger than Earth’s stratosphere. Ligaments twisted, contorting his limbs.

A Questionable Client by Ilona Andrews – Earth and Skye

The guard rose and disappeared into a hallway to the right. I was tired, dirty, and hungry, and my boots stank.

The creature behind the door scratched again, claws against the steel. Of course, Batman wouldn’t have to hire bodyguards. A pretty strong prequel to the series. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Re-read July Re-read July If you read it later than that it’s not the end of …more I read it after the first regular book in the series, Magic Bites, and I thought that worked well.


Dread mugged me like a sodden blanket. I checked the address again. The stairs brought me to the glass-and-steel front of the building. I stepped out the doors into an quesstionable morning. Feb 10, Rafael Ribeiro rated it it was amazing.

Hadn’t planned to re-read all the shorts and novellas as well, but changed my mind. I read andrewe like a part of Magic Graves last September when my intent was to start the Kate Daniels series first attempt failed.

What did I fall into?

The guard gave me an evil eye. I suppose I’ll have to read some more to figure it out. This series is definitely one of my favourites and I’m excited to dive back in! I zeroed in on the fridge. The first refused to take the job, the second was out due to injuries. Being Saiman, he also has an underhanded matter he’s involved in that creates mortal danger for both himself and Kate, which Kate handles with her typical kickassery and humor.

See, if I walk, I just miss out on some money; you lose your life. The place was a fortress.