A Woman has ratings and 55 reviews. Chiara said: «Alfine mi riconquistavo, alfine accettavo nella mia anima il rude impegno di camminar sola, di lott. Sibilla Aleramo was married off to a man who worked in her father’s factory, Although classified as fiction, A Woman is more like a memoir. Sibilla Aleramo is the pseudonym of Rina Faccio, Italian author (14 August , Alessandria – 13 January , Rome). She was a feminist best known for her autobiographical depictions of life as a woman in late 19th century Italy.

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Piagnisteo con guizzo finale Un romanzo autobiografico estremamente originale, questo scritto da Sibilla Aleramo nel The life of a woman in prewar Italy. Thirteen years would elapse before Aleramo published another novel, Il Passaggio ; The Passagewhich received a tepid reaction from the Italian press, despite earning much praise abroad, in particular in France. Eventually this newfound friend informs the heroine that local gossip suggests her father has been carrying on an affair with another woman.

Mi domandavo se Sibilla fosse riuscita a riallacciare un rapporto con suo figlio. Gender, Sex and the Shaping of Modern Europe: Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. As the husband fails in business, the narrator takes up writing, goes to work in journalism, finally leaves her husband and–in the momentous decision of Aleramo’s own life–leaves her child as well.

The men of the town are of two types: At about the halfway point, Aleramo hits her stride as she examines traditional ideals such as motherhood:.

Sibilla Aleramo

Ma solo a volte. A successful pregnancy follows, and she gives birth to a son. Alcune considerazioni presenti in esso sono condivisibili oggi pure.

Grazie, Sibilla, per la donna, la madre e la scrittrice che sei stata. Un ringraziamento va alla prof. No wonder I enjoyed it. Romanzo pubblicato per la prima volta nel Cosa che poi ha fatto, ma ad un prezzo sicuramente molto alto.

In the second half of the nineteenth century the white unions gave rise to an important branch of the early Italian feminist movement, that of the Christian feminists. Una donna di Sibilla Aleramo 1 8 Mar 23, Stefania Casi The Cultural Sojourner.


Although Aleramo sought to improve the condition of women in early-twentieth-century Italy, she did not concern herself with rural women of the impoverished South.

Dora Melegari explored the nature of the Italian feminist movement itself, examining how Italian women were viewed abroad and attempting to explain why feminism developed much later in Italy than in other nations.

The last part—just three chapters—focuses squarely on the psychological forces that motivate the young woman to finally abandon the conjugal home and her son. It is definitely a book of its time, and with the time gone so is the book’s raison d’etre.

Moreover, in the event of separation, Italian law wkman granted custody of any minor children to the father. Come altri libri italiani del ‘, ho fatto fatica a leggerlo per la sintassi arzigogolata ormai troppo lontana dal nostro modo di scrivere e di pensare. Following its publication, A Woman achieved much success both at home and sibilpa. Aleramo’s first book in particular, Una donnais by now considered a classic of Italian literature, and the first outspokenly feminist novel written by an Italian author.

So she is reduced to a state of oriental slavery, and she rallies against that.

A Woman by Sibilla Aleramo

Italian women were conditioned to pursue domesticity and motherhood; the emphasis on domestic life reinforced the concept of the angelo del focolareor angel of the house, the model that women were to emulate. Unable to continue schooling beyond the elementary degree in Civitanova Marcheshe continued studying on her own, and asked for reading advice from her a,eramo teacher. One by one, her colleagues at the magazine advise her not to follow her husband back, but she is torn over the likelihood of losing her son.

A very personal account of what it is like to be an Italian woman during the fin de siecle. The German press praised the novel sjbilla, and other translations appeared in English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, and Russian.

Although her marriage becomes more tolerable following the move to Rome, she is terrified when her husband receives an offer to return to their former home to become director of the factory. Credo sia stata questa definizione a convincermi a leggere il libro, una definizone che vorrei un giorno riuscire a meritare anche io.


Although the novel only refers to characters by the titles that delineate their social relationship hy the protagonist e. Wesleyan University Press, Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia. Riguardo al talento, semplicemente non sa scrivere: E vince ogni volta che qualcuno donna, ma si spera anche uomo legga questa autbiografia romanzata. Her father at first objects to the marriage on the grounds that Sibilla is too young to become a wife.

It is a sad novel, utterly authentic, controlled and sustained. Mar 14, i. However, whether one liked Aleramo’s novel or not, the book was an iceberg in the mainstream of Italian literary life, impossible to get around without careful inspection. Guai se alcuno si attentava pubblicamente a mostrarsi qual era!

Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Aleamo in new window Click to share sibil,a Twitter Opens in new window Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window. Il tutto raccontato con una prosa poetica non velleitaria e fine a se stessa, ma ricca di contenuti morali. Lei pura, intelligente e colta ma costretta a subire le angherie del padre prima e del marito poi.

They met each day on the beach, inviting us to join in their games. I was fiftee It is really hard to credit this book was written over a years ago.

Eppure l’evoluzione dei fatti ci racconta tutta un’altra storia e pian piano si rende conto di essere diventata esattamente il riflesso della sua genitrice: Despite this early setback, some individual members of parliament came out in sibi,la of voting rights for women.