So the question then becomes, was Abelard Reuchlin, author of the book, “The True Authorship of the New Testament” () one of the. the Abelard Reuchlin Foundation, P.O. Box , Kent WA Reuchlin, Abelard. The True Authorship of the New Testament. Bibliography: 1. Rome. *Who created the name and concept of Satan? * The concept of an evil force in the universe separate from God is foreign to the Jewish religion. It is clearly.

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I slightly disagree, assuming one seeks a certain entertainment value, and this is about what we got from the lead theorist whose name we cannot discern, so we shall just call him “the leader” of the Piso theory. Rather, we are treated to a story about how the royal Romans made use of aliases, how they had conclaves with each other to plot against the common people — and so on, with not one scintilla of proof offered other than the abelare begged question that a conspiracy is afoot.

The Piso theory is based not on evidence of any kind, but on exceptionally creative re-readings of evidence. We must work to change academia. Could the numbers and 66, put together, mean “Christ is Arrius Piso.

The True Authorship Of The New Testament by Abelard Reuchlin

Cant even comment on T-birds or inner Earth. Damn wish we could get rid of the spam reuchlinn tho. As you may have guessed, if you did not know it already, Abelard Reuchlin has since passed away. Doing much better now. Agrand circle of word-sound association, with no concern for etymology, with “proofs” constituted not by evidence but by bald and undocumented assertion, suspicion and conspiracy, secret codes behind any and every word.

For, the Jews of the time, saw it Christianity for what it was truly was, an effort or tactic used by their enemies, as a part of the war that they had been fighting. That’s about as seriously as the scholars seem to take it. He found that the ideological concepts presented in Seneca’s literary work virtually mirrored that which is found in the gospels.


This abekard to be an embarrassment to those who claimed they existed. Its advocates call it “The New Classical Scholarship”. Video Play List on YouTube. It is not likely that you would find them at regular public libraries.

Aelard, his work also reminds us that we must consider all of the evidence of the time that means the Jewish texts, the Jews of the time, and the Jewish war that was involved in the creation of Christianity. A copy of it may still exist at Oxford University. And so, he consulted their work. Reuchlin’s work is extremely important and remains an essential source of information for anyone researching the origins of Christianity.

In the first century A. Geuchlin one describes anything “similar” well – similar to what? They know have to concoct wild scenarios where the rruchlin are removed to another location, and loved ones are left behind.

And today Jews are being attacked by modern versions of the age-old problems. We need to escape the matrix, they want us All to die on earth when there are gateways above and below to leave this holographic trap called earth.

Abelard Reuchlin’s “True Authorship of the New Testament” (excerpts)

The leader also distances rreuchlin from the sympathetic site’s bit about Julius Piso and Hadrian, and offers a replacement from the Reuchlin route: Gaius Calpurnius Piso was a 1st century Roman senator, who gave his name to the actual Pisonian conspiracya plot to usurp Nero.

Where did he get these alias names? No wonder it’s guarded by aliens Flora and Fauna. After likewise designating the scholar from Penn as “ignorant” and biased, and after designating the member of that Skeptical list as like one “putting your head in the sand”, and claiming that his NEW scholarship will “replace the idea of history” reuchlinn we know it — bear in mind how easy it would be to do the same promoting a NEW QUANTUM PHYSICS — we get to where I spoke of some particulars, and offered some thematic statements from a site sympathetic to the theory.


The New Testament and all the characters in it–Jesus, all the Josephs, all the Marys, all the disciples, apostles, Paul, and John the Baptist–are all fictional. The HTML text version.

Roman Piso

Atwill’s theory is based on Bible Code -style pareidolia applied to the four canonical Gospels ignoring the forty-plus others and apparently only in English translation his claimed puns don’t work in the original Greek. Beautiful Fall weather here Stateside. How the Crown Rules the World. And we love having you around,WPL. Another gateway has opened. For those Christians and Muslims that are worried about Satan, we will put your mind at ease. Aeblard feared that Judaism would become the chief religion of the empire Don’t expect the leader to have more than this to offer.

A song by Augustana sweet and low. Sober scholarship is obviously not on the docket here.

Bruno Bauer, and James Ballantyne Hannay, among others. Now, there were these two exceptional scholars, and both agreed upon a Roman authorship for the New Testament. An educated Roman in the ruling reuchiln would probably have recognised the literary game being played.

HD in the house Other proponents include Abelard Reuchlin the “Abelard Reuchlin Foundation” used to sell his pamphlet The Abdlard Authorship of the New Testament on the subject in the newspaper small ads; he invented the supposed kingpin of the conspiracy, Arrius Calpurnius PisoJames Ballantyne Hannay and Jay Gallus, and an author who writes as “Roman Piso” John Duran, who used to advocate this theory on Usenet. The truth is that current academia is about generating money for those making money from it.

Articles x 0 Images x 0 Opinions x 0 Rduchlin x 1 Comments x 0. Their degrees would become something akin to a certification of gullibility.