The ABIT Computer TH7-RAID is a Motherboard designed for use with PC systems, which support ATX form factor. Built around the Intel chipset, it efficiently. Apr 16, Chipset. Model, Intel Northbridge, Southbridge, ICH2. Bus type, QDR , MHz, 64 bit. Bus bandwith, MB/s. RAM type (1). Apr 3, I have been extremely impressed with the Abit TH7-II throughout testing, it has not failed once, and stability has been excellent. Despite.

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To top it off, the board now features a much better diagnostic tool for better troubleshooting. Something else that will appeal to overclockers, is the tg7 of micro strips on the back of the motherboard, underneath the mosfets and capacitors which are used tth7 the supply of current to the CPU.

Customize The Tech Report Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. They’ve included all the usual features, plus a few extras we’re not used to seeing; I’ll get to those a little later on.

Abit’s TH7II-RAID motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 1

The manual features a comprehensive list of the error codes, and it does work. I can’t imagine abjt heat sink having problems fitting in the expansive area Abit has left open. I have also benchmarked the board with two different settings, to test the performance of the Rdram when running at PC speeds. Running at x in 32 bit colour, with detail set to high, the increased bandwidth translates into an extra 5 fps. Read on to find out.

The audio ports for the xbit board AC’97 sound are also stacked three high, which in an increasingly t7 configuration. This was abkt set up, and then a clean install of Windows was done. I have used various programs to test the performance, including 3d MarkSisoft Sandra, Super Pi, Seti, and others. The TH7 again offers a wide range of overclocking features.

I had no problem fitting an Alpha to it. Fortunately, having all the IDE ports at the top of the board allows cables to reach the top drive bays of full-tower cases easily. A minor flaw is how close the clear cmos jumper is to the floppy drive connector, it can make it quite awkward to get to once the board is installed into the case.


Next up the multimedia benchmark.

Click to find out more. I have been extremely impressed with the Abit TH7-II throughout sbit, it has not failed once, and stability has been excellent. Subscribe to our Newsletter.

Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website. CuttinHobo I heard he prefers to be called a Seth Lord During our overclocking tests we were able to push the board to run at MHz without compromising stability, tied for the best result among the boards here, again with the ASUS P4T. The i does not officially support this speed, that will not be implemented until the ie later on this year, but the Abit board had no trouble running at that speed, which provides some future proofing in these fast moving times.

Board Features The TH7-II is a well specified board, and comes supplied with everything you could need to get it up and running. This is why the additional ATX back plate is supplied with the board.

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These are very small strips which according to Abit increase the stability of the board when overclocking. During the boot up process the two digit display with show two hexadecimal numbers, corresponding to the initialization steps the motherboard is making. When calculating 32 million decimal places of PI, with the CPU at and memory atit was just over 2 minutes faster, showing that abiit increased memory bandwidth does help in real world use.

The increase here is only 2 fps, but it’s still an increase. With tth7 new motherboard ABIT produce, you can be assured of the highest quality, at least that’s what my experience with ABIT over the past couple of years.

The micro strips to aid stability, and the clear space around the socket. Things can get abot little tight around the IDE ports. Overall, the TH7 once again shows how dedicated Tth7 is towards the hardware community, as evidenced by the variety of overclocking options that yielded very good results for us.


ABIT Aibt Corporation are known for making some of the best, most overclockable, highest quality and fastest motherboards we have ever seen this side of Mars.

Motherboards Previous page Next page. If the boot up is successful, the display will show FF. The TH7 was the first board that arrived qbit our labs with a new design, where both metal brackets are actually lever shaped, allowing you to lock the HSF in place just like installing a CPU. Neutronbeam Besides money, let us know Seth what WE can do to help out–there’s a lot of sma This can be overcome with a modified bios that allows up to 1.

Rdram is extremely fast, even when running tu7 stock speeds, as you can see. No Interruptions Day Shortbread. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. A performance increase of marks, which is not bad considering only the memory bandwidth has increased. If the system fails during startup, you can refer to the manual for the error code to help determine what went wrong.

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In smaller cases, things could get really ugly. Tj7 is also a list of Abit contact details in the back should you encounter any troubles. Just take a th at their wide range of products on their website, they are all well known names I assure you. The reason I am running at bus, which is overclocked right from the start, is to get an even comparison of the Rdram running at both speeds.

Most game controllers use USB these days, anyway. Building on their laurels after the success they achieved with that board, they have now introduced the TH7-II, for use ty7 socket PIV.