AD datasheet, AD pdf, AD data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, Analog Devices, MHz Complete DDS synthesizer. modules is the Analog Devices AD DDS waveform generator. An Internet Web Figure 1 Sin(x)/x envelope from the AD datasheet. AD datasheet. From this figure it is easy to see that as the output frequency increases the first system image and the output frequency.

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The control word can either be transferred in parallel byte at a time or serially.

Synchronized Synthesizers Aid Multichannel Systems. This is the acceptable operating range of the device. The performance is shown below. You turned it off, so they do not work. Model The model number is a specific version of a generic that can be aad9851 or sampled.

This tool also models an estimate of the overall spectral performance, and allows the user to explore the effects of external reconstruction filters.

The AD is controlled see the datasheet by a 40 bit control word consisting of a 32 bit ‘frequency tuning word’ and an 8 bit ‘control’ word comprising of 5 bits of phase angle so that multiple ADs can be controlled from the same clock outputing the same sine wave shifted by a different amount.

The AD contains a unique X6 reference clock multiplier circuit that obviates the need for a high-speed reference oscillator. Status Status indicates the current lifecycle of the product. Rectification Power Supply Designer: If a model is not available for web samples, look for notes on the product page that indicate how to request samples or Contact ADI.


ADI has always placed the highest emphasis on delivering products that meet the maximum levels of quality and reliability. Pin Count is the number of pins, balls, or pads on the device. The Circuit diagram included on the ebay auction had no resemblance to the device I got, but it seems the design is the same or similar to most of the barebone AD boards on ebay – just the chip, 30MHz crystal, header pins, bypass caps, and a low pass filter.

Pricing displayed for Evaluation Boards and Kits is based on 1-piece pricing. Pin Count Pin Count is the number of pins, balls, or pads on the device. Anyway, we used a MHz oscillator because it was in our treasure box and the filter has a maximum attenuation at about MHz.

Product Lifecycle Production At least one model within this product family is in production and available for purchase. Due to environmental concerns, ADI offers many of our products in lead-free versions. We therefore decided to try to get away with an opamp. Please Select a Language. Other models listed in the table may still be available if they have a status that is not obsolete. The various ranges specified are as follows:.


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Click here to be the first to Comment Auto Refresh: When using version 1. It is important to note the scheduled dock date on the order entry screen.

S53MV DDS RF Signal Generator

Note, that the LSB is transmitted first! The Year of the Waveform Generator. As the lowpass allows frequencies of approx. Because the ‘frequency tuning word’ is a 32 bit integer, when it is incremented by 1 the sine wave increases by.

This Mini-Project serves just to get a universal add-on so that our ‘free Samples’ come to life. Select the purchase button to display datawheet availability and online purchase options. Most orders ship within 48 hours of this date. Fundamentals of Frequency Synthesis, Part 2: The product is appropriate for new designs but newer alternatives may exist.

Programming the AD DDS synthesizer

The Sample button will be displayed if a model datasheet available for web samples. For more information about lead-free parts, please consult our Pb Lead free information page. Even a second one can be plugged on it, as the user may assemble R7 OR R9 to distinguish between them.