A Comprehensive Tutorial to Subbing Pt 1: Aegisub Program There is no question that Aegisub is a powerful and great tool for making subtitles. Authôt offers you a complete tutorial of the free Aegisub software to synchronize your subtitles to your videos in a few clicks | Test. Welcome to the CMBT Tutorial series. This will take you through the basics of timing a movie, using the Aegisub software. Required Programs.

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Click or press Q to play milliseconds before your start time.

Home Help Search Login Register. Prepare the movie file on which you want to create subtitles. Volume Control should be high enough for you to hear, but low enough so your neighbors don’t come a-knocking! Let’s choose Tahoma, size The Default drop down menu is for switching between the different types of font presets that you prepared earlier. We’ve put out eight episodes so far. I always define Hardsubs subtitles Ttorial will incorporate into the video separately from softsubs subtitles I attach to the file, which can be disabled if desired.

The spectrum analyzer may be a new concept, since we’re usually more familiar with the audio waveform, that looks like this: How did you time the second line? In the vertical toolbar to the left tutoiral the video, click the second icon from the top.

Play with them so you know how the zoom function works. This is where you actually put words in! Timing and Subbing and having this window up when you have questions, like omghowdidyoudothething.


SubRip is probably the most common subtitle format, so it would be a good idea to save it in that format.

Aegisub software user tutorial: Finally, it is necessary to check that there are not too many characters per linewhich is indicated on the right Horizontal zoom determines how how many tutoria you want to see in a given amount of space. Primary – this is the color of the font in most cases.

The icons on the left side do various things qegisub change the location and the look of the subtitles. Depending on the size and length of your video, this process could take quite a while.

I did mine starting at How do you know if there are too many? It is also necessary not to exceed 2 lines of subtitles.

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I go by the following: Save this to your workspace. The blue line can be when you right-click. For example, ARTE sets the bar to a maximum of 30 characters per line. Is this article up to date?

Click or press E to play the first milliseconds, just tutorrial be sure. It will take some time for the file to open.

OER: Aegisub tutorial | CommonSpaces

You can easily combine them by selecting both lines Click one line, Hold CTRL key, and click the otherright-clicking on the selection, and choose “Join Concatenate ” or “Join Keep first “.

This is the style editor. First of all you need to install Aegisub on your computer, you can download it via this link: As a rule, I only apply this to dialogue and narration. Computers and Electronics Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. D to play milliseconds before the end time. For your convenience, you can download a sample timed file. Style Name – something memorable so you know what it is. Your bin is likely to be empty, but you can see I have already defined a lot of styles.


It is important to note that subtitling involves a technical part called spotting of subtitles. A square box will appear underneath the videos; just drag and drop the subtitles wherever you like. Put in the next few lines to complete subtitling this song.

This means it is Store the movie file in a permanent location, such as in a specially created folder.

Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. You won’t really need to know this for the CMBT project, as I have already defined all the styles myself, but let’s go through the options anyway.

First, it is helpful to create a special project directory on your hard disk, say on Drive C:. This line seems okay, so let’s go to the next one. The full view with video and audio may take a while to get used to. As an old timer, I’ve gotta say it’s more about a good eye rather than ear.

This should be around