Aftershock has ratings and reviews. Cordell said: I Aftershock: Protect Yourself and Profit in the Next Global Financial Meltdown Robert Wiedemer. David Wiedemer, Robert A. Wiedemer, and Cindy Spitzer, authors of the revised and substantially (30%) updated third edition of Aftershock. Aftershock by Robert Wiedemer – Find out how economic events will effect the price of gold and other precious metals.

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Obviously, they did not study the Bible either. After all, humans ignore all facts when inconvenient. However, they lead to the expected result only for those failing to ask what would happen next. Updated to include the latest developments, such as new coverage of monetary stimulus and a more global focus with special attention to Europe and China. Wiedemer has been the driving force behind the economics team that predicted the current downturn in the economy in with their landmark book, America’s Bubble Economy.

Nov 16, Sean rated it liked it.

Robert Wiedemer

aftershofk January Learn how and when to remove this template message. For aftefshock, their advice in a highly-inflationary envir The book contains a lot of good information, however it seemed to be extremely repetitive.

As we have observed in Greece, Spain, and now Argentina So, if you are looking for a book that will give you some valuable insight into what is happening to the U. For their tips of prudence alone, this book deserves five stars. If half of what they predict comes true, I had better be ready. Do you put your faith in the authors?? America’s trusted name in coin and bullion trading for 50 years. The authors have had one HIT and we are to trust that they are not “one hit wonders”.

Will we build a bridge? They were a bit vague on what do to about it, however, beyond saying that gold is a good investment and that there is still time to invest in stocks and get out before too soon.

In Aftershockthe authors claimed that the economic downturn of was due to four of the six bubbles popping, and that the popping of the remaining two would send the world into a depression. Divorces will increase and domestic violence will increase.


Now wiedeme brothers are branching out. Views Read Edit View history. Neither the authors nor the President, however, speak to environmental limiting factors to Growth. Do you think the economy is just in a “down” cycle and will turn around soon? Today, there is no recipe for which monetary or fiscal option to choose in order to weather a storm or drive the economy from one trajectory onto another.

In the end of all said, while there are always options, I agree with the authors that government action may come too late and the ones now taken are in fact increasing the odds of a collapse down the road. However, the authors display an unusual and at times entertaining level of street-smarts that bring forth real-world solutions and prudent advice.

It’s a sad comment on just how pessimistic I feel about the financial state of this country that Wiedeemr actually seemed LESS gloomy than I’d expected. And that is over the course of the whole crisis, not just QE1.

Publisher’s Summary From the authors who accurately predicted the bursting of the global bubble economy comes the definitive look at what lies ahead in and beyond.

Aftershock: Finding fortune in marketing doom

For instance, the current stock market rally February goes against their theory that the stock market bubble has popped.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Get it free with day trial. The global economy has grown the last 30 years, roaring through the 90s, as a result of huge bubbles that formed in America’s economy.

I suppose that there is still time, and I don’t want to give the impression that everything is smelling of roses, but perhaps the take away is that the success of Aftershock is more about marketing for its authors than about economic prediction relevant to readers.

Meanwhile, we find ourselves inthe economy on the mend, and the catastrophic events predicted by Aftershock as yet unrealized. I do agree there will be some inflation ahead. Spitzer can be reached at or cindy aftershockpublishing. If you, like me, find the story rings alarm bells, you can even plan ahead for this bleak future. By no later than inflation will rise dramatically, the dollar will pretty much collapse as a strong currency,and the national debt along with the US government will be in default.


Do I trust them more than these three clowns? Could all the economists, the Fed, the bankers, and the market leaders all be so blind? However, they seem to fail to recognize that humans are ingenious in cheating their way out of all sorts of tight spots again, try to argue success story of the human journey. They are liquid means and, that is most important, mainly virtual, i. Its really a highly repetitive sales job.

This is no recession and certainly no “cycle”. Was your analysis on target?

Aftershock Robert Wiedemer | Next Global Financial Meltdown

But as I and many others have thought, what happened in and was only but a tremor weidemer the massive economic earthquake en route, which is the end of the debt supercycle.

Are investors prepared for what lies directly ahead? Why is the government, Wall Street, and the media all reporting the economy will get better soon? It certainly made me pay more attention to the huge government debt and reckless money printing by the Fed. How do you see investor psychology pushing aftersuock upward in the Aftershock? Huge amounts of foreign investment in our economy as the bubbles grew boosted the dollar’s value, but it is all crumbling and will accelerate as foreign investors pull out.

You may not believe a word of it, may laugh at the bizarre predictions, or just ignore the message it gives. So lets see what happens. The global recession had begun four years earlier, since which time I had just barely been able to sell a house seriously–I closed the sale of the house the same week that Bear Sterns ceased to behad graduated from law school at perhaps the worst time for new attorneys to be entering the work force, and had managed to find a good, but not great paying, job at a local company.