As Adobe said about HTMLLoader: ” AIR profile support: This feature is supported on all desktop operating systems, but is not supported on mobile devices or. You cannot use ExternalInterface with HTMLLoader between the AS3 host and a child HTMLLoader. You can use it with a child SWF that is. HTMLLoader. AIR-only loaded: Boolean. [read-only] Indicates whether the JavaScript load event corresponding to the previous call to the.

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Specifies whether the local cache should be consulted before HTTP requests issued by this object fetch data. Use the currentTarget property to access the object in the display list thmlloader is currently processing the event. Sign up using Email and Password.

Setting the character encoding to use for HTML content. For example, this event is dispatched when new content is displayed as a result of a user clicking a link or when JavaScript in the page renders HTML. Dispatched when the user lowers an active stylus past the proximity detection threshold of the screen.

Boolean Indicates whether htmllloader security restrictions would cause any display objects to be omitted from the list returned by calling the DisplayObjectContainer. I would of been happy for just the.


ader (Flex 3)

Indicates whether an object has a specified property defined. The result of evaluating the expression in the throw statement that resulted in the uncaught exception. The place where the. Entries less than the current position are the “back” list; entries greater are “forward.

HTMLLoader – AS3

The width, in pixels, of the HTML content. This event is always dispatched asynchronously. By default when you set no parameters in calling this methodthe new window uses standard system chrome and includes scrollbar controls for the content. Setting the textEncodingOverride property to null restores the default behavior.

Android AIR htmlLoader alternatives? – ActionScript – AS3Lang Community

Retrieving Data from Server If truecookies are added to the request and response cookies are remembered. Dispatched when a user presses the pointing device button over an InteractiveObject instance. Hide Inherited Public Properties. The TextField object that has been scrolled. Dispatched when a user presses and releases the main button of the user’s pointing device over the same InteractiveObject.

Removes a child DisplayObject from the specified index position in the child list of the DisplayObjectContainer. The application domain to use for the window.

Specifies whether the HTTP protocol stack should manage cookies for this object.

Navigates forward if positive, backward if negative. Hide Inherited Public Properties.


Returns a rectangle that defines the boundary of the display object, based on the coordinate system defined by the targetCoordinateSpace parameter, excluding any strokes on shapes. The history list corresponds to the window.

Entries less than the current position are the “back” list; entries greater are “forward.

The type of PDF support aif the user’s system, defined as an integer code value. The current accessibility options for this display object. The application sandbox is generally the most secure sandbox, with restrictions designed to prevent the execution of untrusted code.

About the HTMLLoader class

Because there are security loopholes that can be exploited through calling the eval function and related APIscontent installed with the application, by default, is restricted from using these methods. Specifies the width of the rectangle of the HTML canvas that is being rendered.

The history list corresponds to the window.

Number Indicates the depth scale percentage of an object as applied from the registration point of the object.