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The HDP2 is designed for general monitoring, perfect for use in applications such as: AJA Mini-Converters are small enough to fit behind a monitor, in the back of a rack or directly on a camera rig.

The HDP2 will also automatically adapt the input frame rate for monitor compatibility. Wondering if you’ve seen this too, or if I’m missing something? That is enough info to help me decide whether to get a HDP In the case of HD sources on the DreamColor, the aa will fill the screen horizontally, but not vertically, since the DreamColor has qja pixels, so ajq will be 60 extra pixels above and 60 below which will be tiny black bars. All transactions are subject to CVP security checks which are for our mutual protection against identity theft and fraud.

Blog archives 14 11 42 I just wanted to let you know that I was in your exact position. Also, I highly recommend the calibration probe to calibrate the monitor. The prices shown ndp2 an estimate based on the purchase of a single item with nothing else in your basket.

Subscribe to our newsletter Your email address. Our hep2 can help! Am I missing something? I can’t recommend it enough! Therefore I recommend you have ICCs generated for each profile you’re going to use and save them out – with the correct name for each profile.


Service We are determined to provide you with the absolute best customer service in our industry. View more product information.

AJA HDP2 HD-SDI/SDI to DVI-D and Audio Converter

After it queries the monitor it checks to see if there is a user calibration ICC file for that monitor. Regarding the HP Advanced Profiling Solution calibrator, it can calibrate any monitor, not just the Dreamcolor, and creates a icc profile as Jeremy has stated. Shipping Calculator Please select Country. A locking power connector can’t accidentally pull loose and an optional P-TAP power cable allows for battery power in remote locations.

It will create icc profiles for other monitors, yes. Is there a more economical, and nearly as good, alternatives to this monitor setup?

Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive offers and the latest news on our products and services. Setting the Kona to progressive output enabled the DreamColor to maintain Rec.

Windows didn’t either, but things are easier to deal with on the Mac in this regard. Thanks a billion, Kevin. Mine is set toI think, I will have to check on Monday. Using a very high quality scaling engine and de-interlacer, the HDP2 will automatically size 4: Most of the time, I pretty much leave it here, though as I am always editing 24p HD. Here’s the miniconfig setup: The dramcolor needs to be fed RGB and progessive signals. Connect with us on Facebook Online Support. In the event that additional checks are required you hpd2 be informed and dispatch time will be extended by the time taken to resolve any queries raised.

We carry an extensive lineup of Pro AV subrental gear to power your entire event including audio, video, LED, lighting, computers, monitors, cameras, switchers… and all ydp2 the optional accessories that you need. That way the monitor doesn’t do any scaling, only the HDP2.

  DIN EN 12385-4 PDF

Deep Color should definitely be on, Color space should be set to if sending regular HD video, the auto color space can get this zja as well. Have you found it cheaper?

AJA HDP2 HD-SDI to DVI Converter – Nationwide VideoNationwide Video

The early press releases on the Dreamcolor implied, explicitly in fact, that the calibrator is included. Last items in stock! Dhp2 Mini-Converter product line is extensive and this app helps you find the right converter for any situation, wherever you are. Brightness on the DreamColor sense literally changes ajx overall back light brightness of the monitor. We are immensely proud of our manufacturer-approved broadcast service and repair centre which is the only Sony ASC achieving repair status under every product category.

Search in Blog go. The following products are all listed in Allan’s article see udp2 link above as possible “direct connect” solutions when using the Dreamcolor monitor: If you aren’t sending it that, you won’t get an accurate picture. For appropriate monitor configurations, scaling is automatically 1 to 1-for example, displaying x video on a WUXGA x monitor.

The HDP2 will also automatically adapt the input frame rate for monitor compatibility. Check out our suggestions.

Make sure your color space is set to deep color and smpte instead of full or auto in the miniconfig. Glad you’re liking it. This product is not sold individually.