Do what thou will shall be the whole of the Law. Recently I have taken an interest in Ouija. It is not the first time in my life I have had this interest. At first glance, the notorious magus and self-styled ‘Great Beast ‘ Aleister Crowley might seem an unlikely candidate for the Ouija Board. Hand made Ouija board of the Great Beast. Limited run of 50 boards.

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A few simple instructions are all that is necessary, and I shall be pleased to give these, free of charge, to anyone who cares to apply. Magickal principles applied to the “talking board. But this book is really about applying consistent control in all forms of divination to focus the type of Spirit called. In all, quite a bargain from the remainder pile, though perhaps not quite worth the original list price. Entertaining and enlightening, Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board reveals the dark secrets and hidden truths of this curious, enduring game.

Recently I have taken an interest in Croeley.

Sinister or silly as this may seem, there are more serious precedents for the Talking Board, despite its somewhat banal and commercial origins.

Jones shared his discoveries with his guru, of course, and Crowley replied:. Katya Ventura rated it really liked it Jan 13, I will do a second Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Piper Draconi rated it liked it Jun 19, The aforementioned planchette is where the connection with Spiritualism really starts to come in.

Of course, this is not assuming that one of aleuster compatriots alejster not taking liberty with the planchette and just playing a huge joke on the rest of us. I would call it a good book, though where your thoughts lie on Crowley will make a difference in your enjoyment. Yet, people sit down and offer the use of their brains and hands which are, after all, more important than offices and drawing rooms to any stray intelligence that may be wandering about. Refresh and try again.


Review of Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board By J. Edward Cornelius | OCCULT SKEPTIC

Awesome little book on so much more than just working with an Ouija board. I will have my questions prepared ahead of time. People use the Ouija Board without taking the slightest precautions.

Magicians have long known that criwley triangular shape of the planchette is a unique magickal symbol that automatically acts as an invisible doorway.

The common factor alejster exerting their Will and concentration to calling forth specific Results. But not everybody has a few hundred dollars lying around to ensure Aunt Edna enjoys the latest Madonna video.

Aleister Crowley and the Ouija Board

But this is by no means only a book for beginners. She would wake from unwelcome wet dreams with the lingering feeling of penetration, usually occurring in the aftermath of her monthly period.

Among other things he is remembered for esoteric writings about Qabala, the Holy Grail, the Egyptian revival, and his work anticipating the controversial Future Aeon of Maat. Most of all, it was felt that his actions in taking the Oath of the Abyss had enabled Crowley to advance to the grade of Magus. He strongly believed that the board utilizes the same principles which were practiced by the famed Elizabethan magician John Dee.

We would always end up feeling extremely creeped out and violated by whatever was talking to us on the board. Submersion in nonsense can be injurious to self-respect.

Stay updated via RSS. I much preferred Ouija by Stoker Hunt, I found it far more accessible.

This led to a great deal of inside jokes being born in our little triad. My agnosticism was brought forth by my attempts to have some kind of contact with the Holy Guardian Angel Boadthe perfected self, the genius, the Daemon, etc. Lindsay ouuja it really liked it Aug 09, A similar process was instrumental in the Automatic Writing sessions of psycho-archaeologist Frederick Bligh Bond during his excavations at Glastonbury Abbey and claimed as the source of the insights prompting his surprisingly successful excavations.


Feral House is simply one of the best publishing houses in America–period. If you click on Ok then you agree to our privacy statement. Matthew rated it liked it Feb 04, If you would like to listen to the author give a live interview on this book, given on January 18ththen go to: The book also seems to suggest that summoning the spirit of the deceased is possible, but unlikely.

For my upcoming working I am planning on having the elemental pretend to be Hunter S.

Aleister Crowley Ouija Board |

I think its as much a scrying tool as any black mirror, or any other fancy-schmancy occult tool handcrafted by a magician. There are references to similar practices in Ancient Rome: Tessa De Vocht crowlfy it it was ok Apr 22, He made great advancements in the magickal realm while sending shock waves through the clubby and largely ineffectual grade system of traditional occult fraternities, It is no small irony that the magickal orders that profess to be Thelemic are as full of pretentious poseurs as those that Crowley blasted with his extraordinary talent and application.

I offer you a,eister basis of boxrd percent of my net profit. And some of the repetition is clearly deliberate to drive home a point, such as “As above, so below,” or “O A pretty quick, and fairly informative, read.