American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America is a non-fiction book by American Pulitzer Prize journalist Chris Hedges, published in January. Chris Hedges charts the rise of the US Christian right in American Fascists, says Nicholas Lezard. American Fascists by Chris Hedges – Twenty-five years ago, when Pat Robertson and other radio and televangelists first spoke of the United States becoming a.

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American Fascists

Aug 30, David Stephens rated it it was amazing Shelves: Citing the psychology and sociology of fascism and cultsincluding the work of German historian Fritz SternHedges draws striking parallels between 20th-century totalitarian movements and the highly organized, well-funded ‘ dominionist movement,’ an influential theocratic sect within the country’s huge evangelical population. In an isolating and insecure society plagued by crime, violence, alcoholism, high unemployment, fundamentalist Christian doctrine provides them with exactly what they need: Hedges, who grew up in rural parishes in upstate New York where his father was a Presbyterian pastor, attacks the movement as someone steeped in the Bible and Christian tradition.

It’s a bit of a paradox, honestly, though he attempts to set up guidelines by delineating free speech, for instance, from hate speech.

Today, such language no longer sounds like hyperbole but poses, instead, a very real threat to our freedom and our way of life. It is only by grasping our own capacity for evil, our own darkness, that we hold our own capacity for evil at bay. Basically scaring the hell out of me, pardon the pun to turn my back on the whole damn thing. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. On one hand if we fully tolerate groups with a fascist agenda we risk having them ending our open society.

Jun 30, Colleen Toporek rated it really liked it.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. You do not want to open up your mouth and let them know that you are a Democrat here. What I can say is that after the Tea Party got into power, I noticed that some cheis my old friends were in it. All it will take, Hedges writes, is one more national crisis on the order of September 11 for the Christian Right to make a concerted drive to destroy American democracy.


I enjoyed this book and it scared the fasciets out of me. They are corrupting the Bible in their rascists to do so. They don’t think overly deeply about the implications of their belief system. Religion is a personal matter. We don’t have all the answers to life’s questions, nor are we meant to. It goes from providing a group of people with a purpose to curtailing the lives of other human beings.

In my youth it was “The Communists”. Before Adam and Eve were expelled from paradise, all of the dinosaurs were peaceable plant eaters. Among the interesting facts Hedges puts forth is: The chriw awaits a crisis.

American Fascists – Wikipedia

Hedges’s reportage profiles both former members and heges believers, evoking the particular characteristics of this American variant of fascism.

Hedges, who grew up in rural parishes in upstate New York where his father was a Presbyterian pastor, attacks the movement as someone steeped in the Bible and Christian tradition.

However, his characterization of HOW some proponents of evangelical Christianity have changed the fundamental no pun intended tone and tactics of the way we “govern” in all three branches, principally in the utter lack of civility and reasoned debate, remains accurate. To think that I live in a democratic county and yet the Democrats here are afraid of speaking out, and yet the Republicans and Christians are so vocal in public.

Oct 04, Will Byrnes rated it fhris liked it Shelves: The groups that advocate theocracy are a very particular strain of “Christian. Men like the born again Evangelical Mike Penceand flat out white-supremacist Steve Bannon to name a few have – to steal a term from Hedges – been “vomited” up from the sli His book reminds us of the dangers liberal, democratic societies face when they tolerate the intolerant.

Too much, to be honest. It both mirrors the Nazis’ rise in Germany, but also adds the uniquely American touch of apple pies delivered to neighbors to con them into joining hesges cults, the chdis of significant amounts and turning over to these essentially political institutions enormous wealth which they use to try to dascists freedoms, eliminate freedom of people to either belong or not hedgew to religion, and to subvert our elections through sneaky underhanded means.


View all 6 comments. So, Ellis and I just finished reading this as Book 1 in our newly-founded 2-person book group, and while it wouldn’t have been my first pick, I actually really enjoyed reading it, and it was an excellent amefican for discussion.

We cannot reach this movement. Very interesting and scary book.

In this new binary world segments of the human race are disqualified from moral and ethical consideration. Free Press January Length: One of those inescapable truths is that we are a nation of all people of all walks of life.

And uncertainty and change are always facets of life.

He does a stellar job of describing the inner workings of the loonies. Nov 19, Huyen rated it liked it Shelves: After moving to the south, I had joined a certain Club whose members were Christian and whose politics were Republican.

Christ Hedges’ book entitled ‘American Fascists’ is a ferocious affair that targets not Christianity, but those that have infiltrated the Westernized version of Christianity to their own gain. Oct 03, Alex rated it it was amazing Shelves: Is peace even possible?

Onward to the apocalypse

Stories such as utter despair or tragic car accidents, and the like. That is the reason I respect this book, it is a call for every anti-fascist person to realize there are fascist movements in this country and to stand up and denounce them for what they are, American Fascists. Aug 01, Genine Franklin-Clark rated it really liked it.

Just watched ‘Milk’ – awesome; in no small part for it’s portrayal of the horror that was Anita Bryant, early soldier of this movement I guess.