Yamaha AN1x Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Yamaha AN1x Owner’s Manual. View and Download Yamaha AN1x owner’s manual online. Control Synthesizer Analog Physical Modeling. AN1x Synthesizer pdf manual download. View and Download Yamaha AN1x service manual online. AN1x Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Manuak general, pulse width is used to control the pulse wave; however, the AN1x can use PW with other waves as well, for a wider possible variety of sounds than usual. For more information about Scenes, see page Page If these corrective measures do not produce satisfactory results, please contact the your local retailer authorized to distribute this type of product. Internal BR battery not soldered to mainboard.

Using The Controllers The AN1x has various on-board controllers which maual you control specific parameters in real-time as you play. C 1 Assign Page 74 Convenient Parameter Control You can use the Control Matrix sets to assign a single controller to control more than one parameter, or multiple controllers to control the same parameter.

Using The Panel Edit Matrix Arpeggio Hold Function These let you edit the tone generator parameters as printed on the panel beside each knob. Arpeggio Pattern Types Voice Initialize The Voice Initialize function lets you “reset” a voice to its initial setting, which is handy when you want to create a voice from “scratch”. Base Unit And Length The Base Unit parameter, together with the current Tempo setting see page 77 designates and completes the timing resolution for the sequence pattern.



Base Unit The Base Unit parameter designates the timing resolution for the sequence pattern. Effect digital DSP section features 3 algorithms categories: Besides keyboard Initial and After Touch, these include More items related to this product. Since this setting is a system parameter, it cannot be stored as voice data, and therefore remains as set regardless of which voice is selected.

At first glance, the An1x looks like the previous CS1xbut it is a far more interesting machine. If you turn off the AN1x, or if the adaptor gets disconnected by accident, your edited data will still remain in memory when you turn the power back on. Arpeggiator 30 patterns Midi arpeggiators with 9 subdivide modes and 16 steps programmable sequencer with velocity – gate – swing rate and latch mode. Scene Swap Function Utility Control Assign Function Mode 2 is a special list of Control Change parameters unique to the AN1x.

Yamaha AN1x Owner’s Manual

As such, you have an enormous palette of sound textures available which you can apply in real-time as you play. Synthesizer Overview 61 velocity keys with aftertouch The main panel features a simple display, 28 buttons, 8 knobs and a switch selector.

More advanced facilities include the ability to create on-the-fly sequences and drum patterns, so the AN1X is really good for various types of techno and dance music, as well as for ambient and experimental styles. Arpeggio Type, Arpeggio Subdivide setting, and the total number of notes you play for an arpeggiated chord. Using The Control Knobs For more information about controllers, see Using The Control Features, page These functions work together to give you sophisticated expressive control over the sound of both the AN1x itself as well as any connected MIDI instruments.


For more information about VCO1, see pages 10, Playing Arpeggiated Chords Trying out the various arpeggios is a lot of fun.

Page Pan Control Msnual which control manuzl stereo panning position of each voice for stereo output. Usually, most problems are simply the result of incorrect settings. Turn on the Arpeggio Hold function, play an even-numbered note chord, and see how the different pattern Types and Subdivide settings react. Arpeggiator and Step Sequencer for generating pattern loops at the press of a key.

Page 69 Sustain The Sustain setting determines the level of sustain of the AEG, which is the level at which the volume will be maintained for as long as a key is held.