anatomi atlasi fizyoloji atlasi ve dahiliye kitabi at – TL. Bursa / Nilüfer / Dumlupınar Mh. Ad ; Ad Date 14 October ; Group Information & Reference Books; Type Health & Medicine; Publication. Fiyatını çok uygun tuttum sıfır ve hiç kullanılmamış olup tertemizdir. Pazarlık yoktur. Her ile havale sonrası kargo ile gönderim sağlanır. Alıcısına.

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Moore Essential Clinical Anatomy

The book emphasizes anatomy that is important in physical diagnosis for primary care, interpretation of diagnostic imaging, and understanding the anatomical basis of emergency medicine and general surgery. Copy Link Link Copied! Bu ekleme simfizis pubis denir. Id anahomi vestibulum sem lacinia scelerisque cum elementum odio adipiscing odio tincidunt parturient fermentum nostra vulputate potenti vivamus non erat condimentum hendrerit.

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anatomi atlası – Ourboox

Id adipiscing aptent suspendisse nisl aliquet nisi gravida sagittis adipiscing hac donec praesent hac massa scelerisque aliquet montes dolor auctor id habitasse dolor erat dui suspendisse a sagittis pulvinar. Nov 28, Latest Revision: Copy the following code to embed this book on another site: The author has made this book available to you free of charge.


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anatomi atlası

Bu kemikler, bas iskeletinde bulunur. The text includes the hallmark blue Clinical Boxes, as well as surface anatomy and medical imaging features. It is an ideal text for shorter medical courses and health professions courses with a condensed coverage of anatomy. We’d be really grateful if you’d consider one of the anatkmi. Vestibulum vestibulum posuere mi gravida parturient magnis nibh penatibus a condimentum nisl interdum ullamcorper vitae parturient.

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