Comprender La Comunicacion by Antonio Pasquali at – ISBN 10 : – ISBN – Monte Avila Editores – : Comprender la comunicación: L Monte Avila – pp Subrayado y con anotaciones. S. Antonio Pasquali is the author of Comunicacion y Cultura de Masas ( avg rating, 5 ratings, 0 reviews), Comprender La Comunicacion ( avg rating, 4.

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It is an interesting analysis of the topic although its American view is a limitation for Latin American countries. A socialist perpective to journalism analysis: Communication Ethics in a Changing Chinese Society: This book is a “must” for any communication student who expects to understand the changes of the past decade and communication possibilities in the future.

A simple presentation of classical semantic referred to meaning and significance.

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Iniciacao a filosofia do jornalismo. Traditional handbook of “scientific research” applied to social sciences. Its theoretical approach gives an interesting approach to the field which is useful for future professionals.

Understanding this perspective gives clues for a systematic comprehension of communication processes. A sociological and political analysis of printing press, emphasizing its role as political “actor”.

Tweets about ” polio”. Aug 27 – 4: Theoretical considerations as well as political, economic and social relations are shown. As a compilation of examples, it is very useful book for creative journalism writing.


Enzensberger’s approach to media shows antojio critical perspective of communication studies very much guided by American functionalistic approach. Handbook written with the participation of various experts as a general course in advertising. Its introductory essay presents an excellent basis for its historical and theoretical approach. This is a classic by one of the well known French structuralist semiologists.

Theory and practice of journal and newspaper layouts. General overview of the principal theoretical approaches to communication.

Teorías de la comunicación by Manuela Atehortúa on Prezi

This book is an excellent review of Latin American research essential for an overview of communication in the continent. Popular culture analysis from a Latin American perspective, understood as those ways of being, acting and symbolizing of the different antonip classes and ethnical groups of the continent and its differences, similarities and ways of adapting themselves to a “capitalistic” logic.

Benveniste’s new perspective places linguistics in the realm of the communication process. The purpose of this chapter is to identify principles of social ethics that rise above the oversimplifications that characterize traditional morality.

Show Hide Page Numbers. Scientific approach to communication: Brazilian perspective on media enterprises comparing them with radio in Germany, France and England.

It is a very interesting compilation by Colombian nobel-prize winner which shows the relationship between journalism and literature. Skip to Content Skip to Navigation. Communications, Hope, and Ethics Chapter In an inversion mentality, moral values were central in the past, but now things have been reversed.


Sep 5 – From a psychological perspective, analysis of communication processes and media’s social influence. Comunicacao e industria cultural. It stresses the need for programs which take into consideration the needs comprrender the people in its social, political, economic and educational aspects. Although Berlo himself has revised his position and communication theory today is seen from different perspectives, many schools continue to use this very limited approach of communication.

An interesting analysis commprender TV in antonuo ludic and spectacular dimension. Radiodrama y vida cotiuiana.

Radio Victoria | Resultados de la búsqueda | COMandalucia

Interesting and creative perspective to social science methodology, especially guided towards university research.

A classic of the “communication effect” theory which considers TV as one of the principal social influences of this century.

Analysis of communication processes within a cultural perspective emphasizing the Latin American point of view: It is a pessimistic conception of history