Antonio Porchia (–) wrote one book, a slender collection of poetic aphorisms that became a classic in the Spanish-speaking world. With affinities to . ANTONIO PORCHIA. From “Voices”. Some things become such a part of us that we forget them. I want because of what I wanted, and what I wanted, I wouldn’t. Voices by Antonio Porchia, published by Copper Canyon Press, a nonprofit publisher dedicated to poetry, bilingual edition.

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You will be returned here automatically. Only the voicea speaks its own word. Sometimes I believe that evil is everything, and that good is only a beautiful desire for evil.

Sometimes it as though I were in hell and I do not grieve. Knowing how to die costs a lifetime. No hay etro bien.

Yo creo que te suicidas. If I forgot what I have not been, I would forget myself. The fear of separation is all that unites. He kills his own soul a hundred times. Una cosa sana no respira. No one can help going beyond, and beyond there is an abyss. Injury, when it is slight, upsets me; when it is strong, it calms me.


Aphorisms by Antonio Porchia – Poems | Academy of American Poets

Mi cuerpo me separa de todo ser y de toda cosa. The confession of one humbles all. Si la despiertan, toma la forma de quien la despierta, Human suffering, while it is asleep, is shapeless.

Vojces una nueva pena y las viejas penas de la casa la reciben calladas, no muertas.

Voixes alcanzar lo derecho por sendas derechas. If you are boices to this one and that one, this one and that one will say you are good.

Quien busca en su bien un bien mayor, pierde su bien. We see by means of something which illumines us, which we do not see. Quien no llena su mundo de fantasmas, se queda solo. Para que tengas todo. Con mi encadenamiento a la tierra pago la libertad de mis ojos.

Would there be this eternal seeking if the found anfonio Almost always is it a the fear of being ourselves that brings antonnio to the mirror. Y si cuanto encuentras es en cuanto buscas, siempre, en vano encuentras, en vano buscas.


Y el eco de mi voz me dice: And if nothing is repeated in the same way, all things are last things. La tragedia del hombre es mayor cuando se la deja caer.

Voices Quotes

After having suffered everything. They are like me, I tell myself. To the best of refuges I prefer their doorways.

Y te parece que han dejado de quererte. You are fastened to them and cannot understand how, because they are not fastened to you.