Dave Hargrave’s Arduin series has a place in the early history of fantasy role- playing games; not the least for being so transparent in its. Remuz Role-playing game archive. Powered by h5ai v Arduin Dungeon 1 – , , KB. file, Arduin Dungeon 2 – The. Arduin is a fictional universe and fantasy role-playing system created in the mid s by David A. Hargrave. It was perhaps the first “cross-genre” fantasy RPG.

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Not being an OSR game gives you freedom to do some other cool stuff, too. By all means preserve the relative positions and even maps of individual nations as much as possible, but redraw the continent outline to be more realistic, and get a really cool world map done.

The Arduin Adventure provides the novice with a set of simple and understandable guidelines for learning the basic concepts of Role Playing. That left Arduin in the weird situation of not being quite a game, not being quite a supplement, which was always a bit of a shame.

Arduin Grimoire Series – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

A total of over pages of new material, magik, PC Races and Classes as well as monsters and ideas. Comprehensive rules for weather. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

You are correct in that Arduin is a D20 game. Dragon Tree Press produced four further Arduin supplements before the Arduin rights and properties were purchased by Emperor’s Choice Games and Miniatures.


Now I admit that I skipped most of the next section, packed with combat charts, guidelines for melee and missile combat and other stuff that I never really cared for in the first place. Separate magiks for rune weavers, druids, alchemists, illusionists and herbalists. According to Stafford, Hargrave was later very upset with himself for having created this spell and for his behavior in the situation.

And before we get into the meat of the work, we need to be honest with ourselves.

Class Based Pilot, Wizard, Scientist, etc. The original Arduin suite of supplements, dungeon modules, and gaming aids were initially self-publishedbut were then later produced by Grimoire Games.

The various accessories and books from Compleat Arduin onwards are “inspired by” the work of Hargrave. Aarduin might not know how to saddle his horse if its been done FOR him all his life…Skills themselves? So what of the book itself?

Arduin | RPG | RPGGeek

Use the CA magik system en toto. No hard feelings if you want me to just link to this site and stop there. Show rpy Arduin is Arduin; some potted history here, too. For articles dealing with the first version of Arduin see Aruin with Arduin Materials. Jeff Rients’ readthrough of the Arduin Grimoire. The races were particularly fun: The Trilogy is several hundred pages and handsomely illustrated. On top of that, take advantage of the streamlining and advancements in the d20 mechanic of the past years.


Any suggestion that they were anything besides this is silly.

Use the Arduin Grimoire standards. Rules adruin a variety of firearms, including pistols, rifles, automatic weapons, muzzle-loading cannon, mod era artillery and energy weaponry. More on that below. While David Hargrave was considered one of the “best of the best” of game mastershe was also known for having a somewhat volatile personality.

And those non-amateur game designers took on all the trappings of those things that have profit as their main motivational force: Note that I personally do not use nor play AE. Get a good line developer on board, and good editor and proofers to make sure rrpg final product is sharp, hot, and desirable.

Arduin, Bloody Arduin – Thinking About How It Could Be Done

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