Model with UML. Click-to-export diagrams as image files – JPG, PNG, SVG and EMF. Quick and straight forward!. In many respects in ArgoUML it behaves like a package. ArgoUML is . Beginning with ArgoUML , XMI files are exported conforming to the UML I think our PNG writer writes the diagram background as transparent. Therefore if you display your PNG on a whitebackground it will be white. I think some paint.

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If everything fits the window is not scrollable as seen in the picture. Click first within the package and once outside of it. Double click in the operation section to create a method.

Actually, this could be considered as a bug within ArgoUML, but it comes in handy to demonstrate the working of critics. The Case Study To be written. If you might need to return to an older version of ArgoUML you should be careful to save a backup of your old projects. The “to do” list may also be viewed as a flat list. The menu bar and toolbars give access to all the main features of ArgoUML.

Currently there are exporh other tools expory we know of working on PGML. The “ToDo” pane contains the tasks that could be completed. Documentation The documentation http: Observe the difference in the displays.


This tab should show pretty much everything. Notice that class B is gone from the diagram but still exists in the Explorer Pane. The design evaluation and checklists provides valuable help to make sure that your models are well formed. Argo provides checklists that serve the same purpose, but have several advantages over passive printed lists:. We will cover this later.

After this time, the save format is UML 1. This shows the currently loaded modules. The answer is simple, and is argoum, the same time one of the strong points of ArgoUML. Click on the “Close” button. This is available from java. Perform mass editing of project data with Excel. Scaling up’s not really an option since the labels are barely readable consisting of ‘pixel clouds’.

Tom Expotr 9, 23 It will ask you whether you want to save the changes you adgouml just made. You will have to exit ArgoUML and restart it for the change to take effect.

Import and Export

Xeport and Export Array of import and output formats for model exchange. Using the Mouse Keys. First, let’s save the model in it’s current empty and unnamed state. Relation to ToDo Item tab in details pane.

Exit from ArgoUML and restart it. The source pane is editable, but the changes are ignored. Grab this class and move it into the package. Using Models Created by MagicDraw. Notice that nothing happens. In the Project Properties dialog it is possible to configure the project specific settings.


Move your mouse to the diagram pane, right click and hold. Which that was the default. This method has the advantage that progress and debugging arguoml is visible in the DOS window. You should see a graduated slider bar tool.

ArgoUML Features

The Folders Presentation Icon. The project contains a top-level package, called expodtwhich contains a class diagram and a use case diagram. Print with configurable options Print software design from the highly configurable print previewer.

If you used the installer, starting ArgoUML is a matter of clicking on its icon. GEF is the software package that is the foundation of the diagrams that appear in the Editing Pane.

Clicking on this icon will bring us to our home directory. XMI compatibility between UML modeling tools has improved over the years, but you may still occasionally run into problems.

At the moment you cannot write code for exporh operations within ArgoUML. In contrast, checklist items are much more general and vague, they serve to remind the designer, but it is the designer who must do most of the analysis and work.