For almost three decades, Carnes Lord’s justly acclaimed A glossary defines key terms in Aristotle’s philosophical-political vocabulary. Lord. Lord also outlines Aristotle’s conception of political science, tracing its Carnes Lord is the author of Education and Culture in the Political. THE POLITICS. CARNES LORD: Aristotle, The Politics, translated with a tion, Notes and Glossary. Pp. ; 2 maps. Chicago a. University of Chicago Press.

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The University of Chicago Press released the second edition of Carnes Lord’s translation of Aristotle’s Politics one year short of the thirtieth anniversary of the release of the first edition in Decades ago, I was invited to some free private lectures given by a Mr. The substance and number of notes in this second edition have increased from the first, reflecting changes in how certain passages can be understood based on recent scholarship.

Stephen Salkever – – Political Theory 35 1: Slavery and the Will to Power I. And if one looked at the amount of scholarship focusing on Aristotle’s Politics between the release of the first edition and the second, one would notice a relative boom in journal articles, book chapters, and whole books on the subject.

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This new translation of one of the fundamental texts of Western political thought combines strict fidelity to Aristotle’s Greek with a contemporary English prose aristot,e. History of Western Philosophy.

Aristotle’s “Politics”: Second Edition – Aristotle – Google Books

Now, nearly thirty years later, we are presented with a new edition. These evening lectures were Here is the start of Politics 1.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review The Revolt of the Just X. Aristotle – – Hackett Publishing Company. As to the differences in the translation between the second edition and the first, let the following stand as representative examples.

Carnes Lord (ed.), Aristotle’s “Politics”: Second Edition – PhilPapers

Asymmetries, Epistemological and Ethical II. The Basic Works of Aristotle. In the glossary for the second edition he has two entries for the Greek word hypothesisone entry for “Basic Premise” Lordand another for “Presupposition” Lord The Kinds of Constitutions: Faction and Particular Constitutions VI.

Read comments on this review or add a comment on the BMCR blog. In my scanning of the second edition, however, I could not find any use of “presupposition”.

The second edition’s translation of this specific term points to a more clearly political meaning. The accompanying agistotle provide literary and historical references, Stewart – – The Classical Review 9 Science Logic and Mathematics. Nowhere does Lord in the second edition give the reader an explanation why he shifted from the words he used in the first edition to the new words he uses in the second.


Aristotle’s “Politics”: Second Edition

It reaches a level of full self-sufficiency, so to speak; and while coming into being for the sake of living, it exists for the sake of living well. Cornell University Press, The Politics of Philosophy: University of Chicago PressFeb 15, – Philosophy – pages.

Lord has made revisions to problematic passages throughout the translation in order to enhance both its accuracy and its readability. Another example of a difference in the translation of the same term comes at Politics 1. Formal Possibilities and the Best in Particular Circumstances: This makes more sense in English than his choice in the second edition of “rule of the powerful” Lord