I’m not sure where I thought I was going to find rules for them (I believe they may have been published in the old Inquisitor magazine that GW. Hi John,. I have been more than just a bit busy over the last few months. Inq 18 will be out in February. Tim. — Tim DuPertuis ARMORCAST and. Armorcast acts like it doesn’t even want to remember this magazine. Come on Timmy This being the EARLIEST Archive entry for Inquisitor.

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Strangely enough all the US licensed producers of Games Workshop copyrighted models were located within inquisitorr hours of each other in Northern California. The BS is back now but it is Forge World and looks a bit dumb: You basically pay money to be advertised to, and once in a while you get a rules preview or something.

Very well used, but complete and useable. With the exception of the Ork Gargant, most of these models were only every produced in small runs of 30 on a trial basis to test the market. This week their subsidiary companies pulled themselves off of Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter entirely at behest of the higher ups.

Two of these guys are available in normal 40K games now as a 73 Dollar dual build kit. I am a nerd!


Wargame Dork: Operation Game Collection Warhammer 40K Special: Fan Magazines Part 3: Inquisitor 14

It takes advantage of the Chaos Codex for their current vehicle rules and makes a fair little infantry support unit. The Bone Walls and Tech Bridge looked really nice! Even with a bit of toothbrush cleaning these two special little guys need more dusting.

Armorcast mainly produce a wide range of scenery pieces in resin. The Cannon is a reasonable points to the Cauldron’s less useful The rules say it’s targeters give it problems with ground units. And inquusitor this magazine isn’t an Armorcast house magazine. Can’t tell if they are the same models or not due to the lack of photos. A company out of East Lyme CT. In most cases, boxed games and box sets do not come with dice. Newer Post Older Post Home. Pages and pages of rules, and exceptions for all the gonzo equipment out mgaazine this time in the Codexes.

They are still around as of this writing so.

That Medium Mantrap terrain item looks really cool. Monolith Ork Gobsmasha version 3. They probably would be dumb enough to do that.

Resin Vehicles & Titans

This section is devoted to the vehicles and titans produced in resin before the Magaziine Forgeworld Division was started. Overall it seems fun, but probably not for most games. So my rating for this issue?

A blog about tabletop hobby and or strategy games, with a side order of electronic turn based goodness here and there. Hey We Have Achievements Now. It is actually pretty sweet.


Word soon got around about these wonderful models and Tim DuPertuis started publishing Inquisitor magazine June of with rules for these models in arrmorcast. The first Titan rules were published in Inquisitor 3 in January of It had “exploding dice” mechanics and still ended up being similar to that era’s WHFB with it being inquiwitor and magic happy except with also buying a game card deck.

Inquisitor has a LOT of these in nearly every issue. Thus 3rd-5th edition 40K removed this option. Forgeworld Warzone Bauhaus Tank.

They claim their 40K kits were only a minor part of their business. And you know what? The left side is the same model in the blister. I never chose to play him again.

Armorcast Inquisitor Magazine Pdf

A mere two pages this time, mostly pictures. We have modern 6th edition 40K with Apocalypse 2nd edition for that. Epicast appear to have ceased trading in ; up to that point they were mainly produce a wide range of scenic bases cast in resin.