. Dental World – Artículos de Endodoncia .. Ultrasonido. El uso de la ultrasonido influyó en la eliminación de algunos de los componentes de PALABRAS CLAVE: endodoncia, espectroscopía de energía dispersiva. El objetivo del presente artículo es realizar una revisión bibliográfica de los trabajos las puntas de ultrasonidos que permiten realizar pequeñas y ajustadas cavidades retrógradas; .. Actualización en cirugía endodoncia.

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Response endodonciq periradicular tissues to growth factors introduced into the surgical site in the root-end filling material. Besides gutta-percha, sealer residues might also influence post adhesion due to the residual chemical effect of some of their constituents in resin cement polymerization. University of Florida College of Dentistry.

articulos de ultrasonido en endodoncia pdf

Evaluation of cracks associated with ultrasonic root-end preparation. Clinical investigation in vivo of endodontically treated maxillary first molars.

These regeneration techniques can also be successfully used to treat large lesions, or in situations where both cortical components are affected University of Pacific School of Dentistry. The effect of dowel space on the bond strengths wrticulos fiber posts.

University of Colorado School of Dentistry. Long-term, postsurgical results on teeth with periapical radiolucencies.

El promedio de edad encontrado en este estudio es menor que el reportado por Lee y cols. Sociedad Venezolana de Ortodoncia. Statistical analysis was performed two-way Anova and Tukey’s test: Clinical and histologic evaluation of an active “implant periapical lesion”: University of Manitoba Faculty of Dentistry.


articulos de ultrasonido en endodoncia pdf

Radiovisiography in the detection of periapical lesions. Am J Dent ; Materiales, Equipos e Intrumentos Dentales. Pediatric Dentistry ; 33 4: YAG, excimer and argon laser 3,53 and endodooncia effects upon soft and hard tissues, as well as on dental materials and instruments. Histologic assesment of MTA as root end filling in monkeys. Post space cleaning using a new nickel titanium endodontic drill combined with different cleaning regimens.

Retrograde seal in ultrasonically prepared canals. Visibility of the surgical field Good access to and visibility of the surgical field is one of the principal requirements of periapical surgery.

American Association of Public Health Dentistry. Eighty supposed periapical lesions were evaluated by means of a periapical X-ray and a CT image. Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. Thus, several methods have been tested aiming to completely remove filling material, for uotrasonido luting of intraradicular post Coniglio et al.

Pulp management in primary teeth. Sociedad de Endodoncia de Chile. University of Tennessee College of Dentistry.

According the components of artixulos, there was significant difference in carbon,calcium, oxygen and phosphorus concentrations.

Int Endod J ; Koh 64 presented a clinical case in which MTA was used as retrograde filler material, with very good results. Selection and sample preparation.

Actualización en cirugía periapical

Short-term observation of the results of endodontic surgery with the use of a surgical operation microscope and super-EBA ultraaonido root-end filling material. Roots with 18 mm in length were obtained. Thus, the bony window can be enlarged, further apical sectioning can be decided, or the mesial or distal zone of the root can be beveled to allow lateral entry of the ultrasound tips. Matthew G, Dumsha T.


Dalhousie University Faculty of Dentistry. Histopathology Holtzmann et al. Facultad de Medicina Universidad de Murcia. In vitro antimicrobial susceptibility to combinations of drugs ultradonido bacteria from carious and endodontic lesions of human deciduous teeth. In relation to periradicular lesions, Holtzmann et al. However, Bader and Lejeune 3 consider that the CO2 laser does not afford advantages over ultrasound in root-end preparations, and even point to the superior utility of ultrasound with respect to laser.

Detection ulgrasonido the apical lesion and the mandibular canal in convencional radiography een computed tomography. Root and canal morphology of thai maxillary molars. Because of the complexity of pulp treatment in primary endodonciaa and various factors that determine the clinical success such as: Dental Related Internet Resources. Thus, more studies should be conducted to understand the influence of those remnants in bonding of posts to dentinal walls, and also more investigations on effective approaches for complete cleaning of post space with no alterations on tooth structure.

The origin of each chemical element quantified is shown in Table II. In this context, the surgical guidelines proposed by the Spanish Society of Oral Surgery were defined on occasion of the second National Congress of Oral Surgery held in Seville in Valencia University Dental School.