ASTM D Standard Test Method for Static Coefficient of Friction of Polish- Coated Flooring Surfaces as Measured by the James Machine. Jan 5, The ASTM E slip resistance test standard defines the British pendulum . ASTM D is the basis of the testing of floor “waxes” (floor. Oct 31, ABIC Testing Laboratories, Inc. was authorized to test the following samples of metal floor panels for static coefficient of friction (SCOF).

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The experiential asrm was collected by an independent accounting firm for the Chemical Specialties Manufacturers Association. It is a static slip tester essentially a portable version of the James Machine — see below and because it suffers from a stiction problem it is not useful for wet testing.

ASTM Standards/Tests for Coefficient of Friction | SlipNOT®

Dry slip testing can also be useful with or without wet testing. Each has its own appropriate safety standard se. It is a pound drag sled that is pulled aztm a hand-held force meter dynamometerand the coefficient of friction COF is calculated from the horizontal and vertical forces.

Each ASTM standard is complied by numerous tests being done by various sources. The compliance criterion is astn on a correlation of polish friction data from D with the pedestrian experience of billions of passes over millions and millions of square feet of polished floors from through the mids.

We do not recommend its use. ICS Number Code Because the HPS is so heavy, it makes it rather difficult to test in aastm field.

This is the static coefficient of friction SCOF. It involves the James Machine with a leather friction pad measuring static friction, and specifies that all testing must be performed dry. It is only used for testing dry surfaces, it is not appropriate for wet surfaces because the sensor pads that are attached tend to hydroplane, which will lead to skewed results.

Further, this test method also establishes a compliance criterion to meet the requirement for a nonhazardous polished walkway surface. The impetus for this standard was provided by the U. The British Pendulum is used in both laboratory tests and tests completed in the field. The HPS is no longer commercially available. The actual cause of the slip and fall might be footwear, substance abuse, illness, or many other factors unrelated to the floor.


Both hard and soft rubbers are specified for the pendulum, with soft rubber being applied primarily to barefoot situations such as showers, bathroom floors, and swimming pool decks.

Static coefficient of friction slip testing is therefore irrelevant. Feel free to contact us with any questions. This test method, like the former ASTM Cis not based on actual slip and fall research, however.

Request a quote Share to email Send to printer. Federal Trade Commission congressionally mandated to resolve conflicting advertising claims for “slip resistant” polishes ruled that only polishes that passed the compliance criterion of D could be termed as slip resistant. This test can be used on both wet and dry walking surfaces. It measures the energy loss when a rubber slider is moved over the square foot testing surface.

Leather and other test foot materials are also available for this instrument. The Sigler Pendulum Tester is an older version of the pendulum tester. It is presently made in the USA by a single manufacturer. This physical parameter for electrical connection materials and some mechanical connections is also important.

The colored UV coating is filled with complex silicates, calcium sulfate, and carbonate fine particles which provide a shorter-range roughness for this walking surface. The ASTM E slip resistance test standard defines the British pendulum tester that is now a national standard for pedestrian floor slip resistance in 49 nations on five continents and has been endorsed by Ceramic Tile Institute of America since We have made a number of custom SCOF measurements for such applications.

The static coefficient of friction is greater than the dynamic coefficient of friction and is the initial barrier against slippage. Since friction is not a property of a surface but of an interface, holding one surface of the interface the specification leather constant will provide a measure of the friction contribution of various polish surfaces to the interface.

Of course for other applications in which the friction under slippage is important, such as machine operation or manufacturing processes, the dynamic coefficient of friction is a vital parameter and may be the more important practical parameter.

Static Coefficient of Friction Measurements | Anderson Materials Evaluation, Inc.

We here at Safety Direct America can slip test your flooring in our lab or on site, or sell you your own slip resistance tester. The BOTE performs a test without human input except for setup and the pressing of an electronic button. Safety Direct America can run slip resistance tests both in the lab or at your site with these instruments and other test methods upon requestand can also sell you your own slip resistance test instruments.


The static coefficient of friction depends both upon the chemistry of the surfaces and the morphology of the surfaces.

Slip Resistance Testing Standards in 2018

We can also examine surfaces with FTIR spectroscopy to characterize polymeric material surfaces. Currently, there is only one computerized version d204 production and four versions of the asym have been created since Astn James Machine needs continuous maintenance and adjustment in order to measure correctly due to the fact that an 80 pound weight is part of the test. Our knowledge and experience in the field of floor slip resistance asfm is unmatched in the Americas.

Designed for applications where safety, durability, and longevity are vital for industrial and commercial environments. We do not perform this measurement. Leather is not suitable for wet slip testing, as its properties change unpredictably and permanently when it becomes wet.

This unfortunately is counterproductive. Because the test method uses a dry leather pad, it gives lower COF results than if a Neolite or rubber pad were used.

Although it is necessary for a tribometer to pass this test, it is not sufficient in validating a scientific slip test instrument. They have also been used by cruise ship companies and others outside of Australia.

Static Coefficient of Friction Measurements

Again, the reasons included poor precision, which made it impossible to present an acceptable and reasonable precision statement as required by ASTM. The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are provided for information only and are not considered standard.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. The meter itself provides the applied weight on a horizontal surface of the material to be tested.

D, developed by Subcommittee D A high traction rough surface with large scale roughness due to large sand particles is shown in a macro asrm.