The Astral Plane – C W Leadbeater. PREFACE. Few words are needed in sending this little book out into the world. It is the fifth of a series of Manuals designed. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Charles W. Leadbeater. · Rating details · ratings · 24 reviews. With the knowledge of the forces of nature which the resources of the astral plane place.

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Yet there is a point of view leadveater which there is a certain justification for the use of the terms “higher” and “lower”, and for the comparison of the planes and sub-planes to concentric shells. If we take the trouble to trace these inner bodies backwards to their origin, we find that it is of the latter that the etheric double — the mould upon which the physical body is built up — is formed by leadveater agents of the Lords of Karma; while the astral matter has been gathered together by the descending ego, not consciously, but automatically, as he passes through the astral plane.

The occult teachers of the past had sought more the inner significance of facts, what might be termed the “life side” of Nature, and less the “form side” of Nature, such as characterizes the scientific method of today.

It oeadbeater have been more interesting and effective had he described these journeys from personal experience more than the once or possibly twice secondhand that he did in the book. But just as when he dies to this plane he leaves his physical body behind him, so when he dies to the astral plane he leaves a disintegrating astral body behind him.

Theosophy : Astral Plane by C.W. Leadbeater : :

The Vampire and Werewolf. Into the composition of the etheric double must enter something of all the different grades of etheric matter; but the proportions may vary greatly, and are determined by several factors, such as the race, sub-race, and type of a man, as well as by his individual karma.

I was excited, as here was a remarkable opportunity to get proof of a “phenomenon”. It is this characteristic of astral vision which has led some writers to describe it as sight in the fourth dimension — a suggestive and expressive phrase. Sep 03, Nell Grey rated it it was ok Shelves: There is also another variety of corpse which it is necessary to mention under this head, though it belongs to a much earlier stage of man’s post-mortem history.

My receptive frame of mind eventually gave way as the author seemed to become ever more dogmatic and superior, stressing that it was forbidden to divulge certain mysteries, that teaching should only be imparted by ‘Adepts’ due to the dangerous nature of this plane, and that all he was describing was naturally as in ‘nature’ scientific rather than supernatural, the information gathered by explorations of members of the Theosophical Society and verified by comparison between them.

Looked at on the astral plane, for example, the sides of a glass cube would all appear equal, as they really are, while on the physical plane we see the further side in perspective — that is, it appears smaller than the nearer side, which is a mere illusion.


So that, however complicated and unusual a man’s karma may be, those in whose province such work falls are able to give a mould in accordance with which a body exactly suiting it can be formed. A student of occultism is taught how to guard himself from their attempts, but without that knowledge it is difficult for one who puts himself in their way to avoid being more or less laid under contribution by them.

It was a habit of Mr. Theosophical readers will hear with pleasure that even at the early stage of his development at which the pupil begins to acquire this fuller sight, he is able to assure himself by direct observation of the accuracy of the teaching given through our great founder, Madame Blavatsky, on the subject of some at least of the “seven principles of man.

The astral plane : its scenery, inhabitants, and phenomena

Yet even this affords no parallel to the embarrassments of the psychic investigator, for in his case matters are further complicated, first by the difficulty of correctly translating from that plane to this the recollection of what he has seen, and secondly by the utter inadequacy of ordinary language to express much of what he has to asttal.

The Suicide and the victim of sudden death. Astrl in it there is a force that can wreck our mightiest vessels and throw down our strongest buildings. To this rule there is no kind of exception, so far as we are yet aware, although naturally a man’s actions when he finds himself conscious upon any sub-plane may within certain limits either shorten or prolong his connection with it.

The law of gravitation operates on astral matter, and if leadbeeater were possible for it to be left entirely undisturbed it would probably settle into concentric shells.

The Astral Plane: Its Scenery, Inhabitants & Phenomena

IN the extensive literature of Theosophy this little work stands out for certain specially marked characteristics. Jul 27, Elizabeth rated it liked it. Published November 21st by Cosimo Classics first published The poetic idea of death as a universal leveller is a mere absurdity born of ignorance, for, as a matter of fact, in the vast majority of cases the loss of the physical body makes no difference whatever in the character or intellect of the person, and there are therefore as many different varieties of intelligence among those whom we usually call the dead as among the living.

Perhaps among those who in these little books catch their first glimpse of its teachings, there may be a few who will be led by them to penetrate more deeply into its philosophy, its science, and its religion, facing its abstruser problems with the student’s zeal and the neophyte’s ardour.

The elemental is afraid in his curious semi-conscious way, and he endeavours to transfer his fear to the man; so that the latter constantly finds a strong instinct creeping over him of some indescribable danger which can only be avoided by permitting the rearrangement. Meanwhile, however, he is losing no time, for he is as fully himself as ever he was, and is able to go on with the work given him by his Master even more quickly and efficiently than when in the physical body, since he is no longer hampered by the possibility of fatigue.

Open Preview See a Problem? If he is fortunate enough not to meet with a sensitive through whom his passions can be vicariously gratified, the unfulfilled desires will gradually burn themselves out, and the suffering caused in the process will probably go far towards working off the evil karma of the past life.


All who see fully on that plane agree that to attempt to call up a vivid picture of this astral scenery before those [13] whose eyes are as yet unopened is like speaking to a blind man of the exquisite variety of tints in a sunset sky — however detailed and elaborate the description may be, there is no certainty that the idea presented before the hearer’s mind will be an adequate representation of the truth.

Besant and Bishop Leadbeater were capable of, and the result is a very precious body of facts concerning the invisible world. Don’t leave this plane of existence without it.

Such a vehicle, though an exact reproduction of the man in appearance, [35] contains none of the matter of his own astral body, but corresponds to it in the same way as a materialization corresponds to a physical body. The second sub-plane seems especially the habitat of the selfish or unspiritual religionist; here he wears his golden crown and worships his own grossly material representation of the particular deity of his country and time.

Originally a priest of the Church of England, his interest in spiritualism caused him to end his affiliation with Anglicanism in favour of the Theosophical Society, where he became an associate of Annie Besant.

Return to Book Page. When for any reason connected with his sublime work he found it desirable to do so, he would probably create a temporary astral body for the purpose from the atomic matter of the plane, just as the Adept in the mind-body would do, simply because his more refined vesture would be invisible to astral sight.

Furthermore, just as any man [5] who has the means and chooses to take the trouble can go and see Greenland or Spitzbergen for himself, so any man who chooses to take the trouble to qualify himself by living the necessary life, can in time come to see these higher planes on his own account. Naturally I took the hint, and worked away steadily, and I think I may say intensely, at that particular kind of meditation day after day.

Very detailed This book is a glimpse into the astral realm. But the earth is in perpetual motion, both of rotation and revolution, and all kinds of influences and forces are continually rushing about, so this ideal [16] condition of rest is never attained, and there leadeater much intermingling.

For leadbeatee seventh or lowest subdivision of the astral plane also, this physical world of ours may be said to be the background, though what is seen is only a distorted and cs view of it, since all that is light and good and beautiful seems invisible. I have since arranged the books into a series here o It was an interesting read for someone like me who is interested in the out-of-body travel, but so much went over my head due to the fact that I didn’t know many of the theosophical terms.

In the more developed man the change would be very marked, both in the aura and the form within it.