Offer A ATL from Kynix Semiconductor Hong Kong Chips. A Datasheet, A PDF, A Data sheet, A manual, A pdf, A, datenblatt, Electronics A, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, . ATA datasheet ATA component ATA integrated circuit ATA schematic ATA application note TA A ATA ATA21 ATA2 .

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ATL A – Datasheet/Parts requests – Community

Did you miss your activation email? February 02, If yeswhat pin with what pin do I need to connect. February 01, Here is a picture with it: January 31, A is a chip used in optical mouses. May 28, Can you tell me the values of this scheme? May 27, Hi, Can some one help me with a cascode amplifier scheme?


A – ATL – IC Chips – Kynix Semiconductor

I am interesting in how it works too May 02, Thank you mate for trying to help me I have manage to make a vibrating system on my wheel I have taken a cellular phone vibrator ,put the electric motor in my wheel,then I’v connected a variable resistor on my brake pedal I”v made it from a 6 V transformator with a diode bridge.

So now whene I brake with force the wheel vibrates: D Simple as that As for a218 Gamepad 2 USB thing it’s complicated So you can’t make the conversion without a circuit board. My wheel is a logic3 JT model. Here is a photo: April 29, I don’t want to buy one I want to make it myself.

Datasheet/Parts requests

Qtl will take a look on the forum, hope I will find what I need If you have more usefull links please post them. April 28, Hi, I have a computer sterring wheel with no vibrator or force feedback.

I was wondering if it’s possible to make one,in concept should be very simple to do it Does anybody know how to do it? April 09, Hi, From what I’v know you can’t.


April 07, Hi, Until now I’v worked in Orcad only with analog circuits but now I have to make some digital ones. The only problem is that At don’t have a clue on what are the names for digital parts like: So if anyone knows please share.

ATA2188 Datasheet PDF

April 06, April 05, The link is not working I am using Opera. The program you use to simulate circuits it’s free ware? If yes ,can you send it to me?