A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of My Father. Augusten Burroughs, Author. St. Martin’s $ (p) ISBN A Wolf at the Table is a memoir by Augusten Burroughs that recounts his turbulent childhood relationship with his father. In the summer of , Burroughs . Memoir about the bestselling autobiographer’s father manages flashes of insight but turns into yet another baroque chronicle of Burroughs’s.

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A Wolf starts with a melodramatic tone, and then Burroughs jumps into his memories of being this book is terrifying. I was that kid seeking my mum’s affection and attention. But his This book is rather poetic. Books of the Week. Living in terror of him, Burroughs and his mother walk on eggshells, never knowing when he’s going to snap and There is no laughter in this book. Jul 30, Antoine rated it really liked it. Burroughs hated xt father while growing up and this book is full of invective and hatred that for me are very unfortunate because his father is dead and cannot defend himself anymore.

What a sad little book. If I tablw been reading my story, I would’ve wanted to tell me to just quit it too. I woolf to stop reading this because I was so infuriated by the first chapter.

A Wolf at the Table

I also liked the way the book flowed. Luckily, my daughter did not react the same way Burroughs overreacted. It breaks my heart tabls think how many kids might be living in a hell like this right at this moment.

He googled for missing students near where his father lived. Maybe I didn’t need to jump off the cliff to experience that kind of freedom.


I wouldn’t describe his books as “funny” but there is a certain dark biting humor to them. Want to Read saving….

And sure, a violent parent can be terrifying, a father punching a wall nerve-wracking but why not just write that, rather than imply things that apparently didn’t happen? And Sellevision stands as Burroughs’s only published novel.

So even if I was unhappy now, it could all change tomorrow. May 18, Qolf rated it it was amazing. Augusten laying in bed at night, fantasizing about autusten to kill his father and get him out of his and his mother’s lives for good. It’s easy to read and moves quickly. And this is the truest, scariest human evil of all – the kind of evil when a man thinks he’s doing the best thing by killing his family and then himself.

A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs

I thought something might be wrong with q father, wrong in the tablf possible way. As we later learn in Running with Scissors, Augusten’s mother herself suffers from profound mental illness, and certainly battered wives’ syndrome, and is unable to explain anything to Augusten, though she does go to lengths to protect him from his father’s violence. This came as a surprise for me considering that he is again one of the funniest people in the USA according to a local US showbiz magazine. This is my brother’s newest book, a dark story about our late father.

And to get into that A-list college, you had to do very well in the right high school. It’s auyusten and takes away from the intense scariness presented elsewhere.


And thus in the last year and a half have I been desperately trying to fill in the holes of such a canon in my own life; for those who don’t know, see, I spent the 15 years before opening CCLaP not as an academe but as an actual working artist, so mostly spent those years actually photographing and writing instead of reading and studying. Normally I like Burroughs’ books, but I am truly torn over this one.

The brutal, terrifying and decidedly unfunny book instantly generated a storm of publicity and controversy. A Wolf starts with a melodramatic tone, and then Burroughs jumps into his memories of being a baby.

I read Running With Scissors and was alternately horrified and fascinated with the author’s life. There are some moments of inconsistency in the voice that Burroughs uses in his retelling shifts in persona from child to words that seem more likely to come from an adult and some lapses in time that elicit frustration.

And in that manner, Burroughs essentially gets to have his cake and eat it too; he gets to say outrageously offensive things about all the real people around him at that time in his life, absurdly unprovable things that rely as much on magical realism as Dark wings of Satan flapping all around that gingivitis cavern of gloom.

Nov 23, Terry rated it it was ok Shelves: