Shop Aver HVC HD Multipoint Video Conferencing System. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. The AVer HVC high definition conferencing system is designed to be installed either in a small to medium sized conference room or as part of a Roll- about. AVer Information Inc. All rights reserved. trademark owned by AVer Information Inc. Other trademarks used herein for description AVer HVC

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By implementing the HVC in the classroom as a distance learning tool, teachers can break free of the physical boundaries of the traditional classroom.

Both auto white balance and auto exposure ave be inaccurate depending on image content. WebTool also enables remote monitoring of conferences by providing low frame rate web snapshots of the main monitor images.

The camera menu includes a range of automatic auto and manual settings for exposure, white balance and anti-flicker.

Aver microphone up to four microphones in a daisy-chainauxiliary microphone, 3. The problem occurred in both directions.

AVer HVC330

Meeting recording function – Avrr meeting recordings on a USB drive – Supports playback layout function as in live meetings Mobile Device Connectivity -Live video and snapshot images transmitted from mobile devices. Mobile image sharing Wirelessly present live images or snapshots taken with your iPad, iPhone or Android phone’s built-in camera to everyone in the meeting with AVer’s VCLink mobile app, providing far site users with a detailed view of reports, design mock-ups and other physical objects.


With single monitor and dual monitor displays a 4×3 image of the local camera is displayed in multi-image layout mode with additional image areas at the top and bottom of the image as seen on the right, whereas the image on the left shows the actual 16×9 transmitted image. Low levels of background noise within the conference room significantly affected the audio quality received from the CODEC to such an extent that the conference audio became completely unintelligible.

Manual control to turn PIP on or off is not supported. The quality of the conference is dependent upon the capability of the remote CODEC and the connection speed. The VCplayer also provides the facility to convert a choice of layouts into a.

The system takes approximately 90 seconds to boot up from cold and on restart it defaults to single monitor mode. Object persistence lagging images from previous frames as faded or outline images. A four site onboard Multipoint Conference Unit MCU is included together with a memory stick interface to facilitate conference recordings. As background noise increased, the conference audio progressively degraded until it disappeared altogether.

The HD camera may be positioned either on top or below a picture monitor. The frame rate was 30fps and audio protocol G.

Instant access to value-added features and services. This product has been discontinued by Alloy. For education Grade schools and universities alike can utilize the HVC to push the limits of distance learning.


As background noise increased the conference audio progressively degraded until it disappeared altogether. The HD camera features pan, tilt and zoom functions and a rather restricted 62 degree field of view when compared to the more common 72 degrees coverage.

HVC – Multipoint Video Conferencing System | AVer Global

Dedicated user buttons include: Without a rack mounting option the CODEC unit may be conveniently mounted on a shelf in an under-monitor cabinet. This effect was observed using H. Forgot Username or Password? For frequencies above 6. The PIP image which is displayed following a change in image layout automatically disappears after approximately four seconds. Reseller Portal Login Sign Up.

VCBridge – Skype Collaboration| AVer Global

Remote site signal measures: All instructions were concise and easy to follow. The wide angle range of 62 degrees restricted the field of view when compared to the normal 72 degree coverage of most other conference camera lenses.

When audio test tones were transmitted via the auxiliary audio input and monitored both locally and at the remote CODEC, the system performance was non-standard.

The HDMI interface also carries the main audio output signal.