Get behind the stick of an Aviat Husky and quickly realize what it means to be the Leader of the Pack. Contact us today for a demo flight. Free Aviat A-1C Husky Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists. I bought a Husky A-1 a few years ago and flew it for a couple hundred hours. It will takeoff I think that Aviat builds a good airplane. I think Cub.

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If memory serves, about mph on floats and on wheels tires. And if you’re Mike, you worry the whole way about popping a tire, or if you’re on skis you have to find a lake long enough that you don’t have to turn around.

I now have a HP Super Cub again and love it. That’s at least part of my theory, for what it’s worth.

But that’s MY guess. If the Husky was better no one would want Super Cubs. But even as a newbie the issue with the angle of incididance and angle of attack sound very interesting. It’ll go many places that a Cub will. The Cub had a 90″ diameter mccauley 1A prop on it.

We weigh every aircraft we fly, every other year, with certified scales. But like you said there are other things to consider. Wip exchange weight is a bit more than the Baumanns, I think aroundso add that tofor a new empty weight of Hey, guys, Supercubber was the one who was all excited to point out how crappy the Husky’s numbers are.


Does that make the Helio a bad airplane, or a poor off airport airplane? The Husky is 20 mph faster than the Cub, on whatever gear you want to talk about. Avalaska’s kit is well made, though. Both of them also own Cubs. It is the only all-new light aircraft that was designed and entered series production in the United States in the mid to late s.

Aviat A-1A Husky

The notes reference angle of incidence are exactly correct, though, but the huge flaps are extremely effective. S2R Avait an Aircraft The Husky is a great little airplane, and so is the Cub. Neither experience will make me an expert, but it will allow me to make an informed choice as to which airplane will best suit my needs. Why would I put radios in a perfectly good Cub? Av Huskg have a clamp-on brace for the Husky gear.

Gross weight of the Cub on floats isso the new useful load is I thought he was going to tear the airplane in half climbing in, but he made it.

Primary difference to the casual inquirer is the difference in gross weights.

And later today, I’ll get to turn huskj “pig”by myself. Another question that one can ask, though, is this: Next week, off comes the cruise prop on goes the borer, and I’m hoping to head to CO to a strip thats about ‘msl of course this time of year the density altitude will be a bit lower.

I have flown several and find your observations fairly accurate. If trying to get a load out of a tight spot, give me a light Cub and a pilot who knows how to fly it, and knows his and his airplanes limitations over impressive numbers on paper any day.


Do you still have that list that I sent agiat oh, so long ago??

The airplane has proven it’s bonafides over the years and decades, and it’s been a great airplane. Now of course, when Jim Richmond get’s that constant speed prop going The flaps on the Husky are very different, which is where Herb Anderson and Frank Christensen went to get the low end avjat.

As to predator control, many if not most of the new airplanes that the predator control sviat are getting these days are Huskys, I believe, but I don’t have a lot of communication with those folks, cause theyre in a different dept.

Everything else is just details.

Aviat Husky

The Husky is fine for other stuff, though. But, again, it’s a bolt on, with a logbook entry. Beautiful place, though- hands down, the prettiest place I’ve seen in the United States. Two different type fuel systems hearder tanks, no header tanks you pick More STC’s and mods availible then any make or model.

Aviat A-1C Husky

It pulls hard right out of the hole on takeoff, compared to a fixed pitch. But that is just my opinion.

Would you clarify if your observations apply to all huskies or huky the A1-B, because I thought they were all distinct in a lot of the specifications.