Khutba e Fidak Urdu – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Bagh e by Muhammad Tariq Hanafi Sunni Lahori. Usage CC0 Universal. Topics Bagh e , urdu, islamic book. Collection. Hazrat Syedina Abubakr Siddique aur dosray Khulafa nay Bagh e Fidak kyu Syeda Fatima RaziAllah anha aur Ahlebait kay hawalay nahe kia.

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We read in Kanz ul Ummal: Edited March 20, by talibeilm. It is not to be distributed like booty among the soldiers, but the whole of it is for Allah and His apostle.

It has been translated from Babh. September 24, at 4: So ‘Ali said to Abu Bakr: Jab aap hamare Imamo ko Maasoom nahi maante to tamaam sahaba ko maasoom kyon maante ho???

Anbiya ki koi Wirasat nahee hoti. Friday, February 16, It is not necessary that the character of a husband and wife be the same.

Iblees ko jaante hui bhi ke ye Iblees hai Allah ne use Farishto ke beech rakkha aur use nikaal kyon nahi diya??? In order to improve their defensive capabilities, the fortresses were raised up on hills or basalt rocks.

Anonymous, Is baat ki kya guarantee hai k aap scan ki soorat main haq ko dekh kar maan jayenge.

Idraj interpolation is mostly found in the text, although a few examples show that such additions are found in the isnad as well, where the reporter grafts a part of one isnad into another. Who are the relatives and what is this right?

Edited June 20, by soldier of Allha. Kam se kam aapko itna to mil hi jayega k fatema zehra abu bakr se naaraaz hui aur 6 mahine tak zinda rahi aur duniya se ruksat hui. Fatima as died the death of Jahilyah naudobillah.

And some unreliable narrators narrated from Malik from Jaffar bin Muhammad from his father the same. But Darqutni and Ibn Uday discredited it.


Copyright Umar Design by: She produced no proof to Abu Bakr As Siddeeq. In the same way that Rasulullah s was unable to change the attitude of Ayesha, Abu Bakr was also unable to change the attitude of Asma. This is also known as Mudraj in Hadith sciences. What is History, Lessons we learn from it, benefits of its study.

What is the History of Bagh e Fidak? – Page 2 – CSS Forums

The seventh verse of Surah Hashr, explains the point in detail: Ridaa Fatima ji i have History of islam ibn e Khuldoon Book. The Ismailis in the Middle Ages: The distinction between the two is understood from the narration of al- Bukhari, who transmits the same hadith and quotes Abu Hurairah as saying, “Complete the ablution, for Abu ‘l-Qasim may Allah bless him and grant him peace said: Shia tamaam sahaba ko bura nahi kehte.

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The Apostle of Allah received three things exclusively to himself: Abu Bakr then personally asked Asma: Some objects found by the Muslims in a redoubt at Khaybar — a siege-engine, 20 bales of Yemenite cloth, and cloaks — point out to an intense trade carried out by the Jews.

They would fall within the definition of Rafidhi that Nawasib give. The end of this reference makes it clear that Sayyida Fatima as finished ALL relations with these individuals, she wanted nothing to do with them, and never spoke to them again while she remained alive. Shia Pen Newsletter Subscribe to our newsletter to fidaak regular updates on our new publications.

Now was this anger due to her being denied the inheritance of her father by Abu Bakr or was it because she deemed her husband to be more worthy of being the Khalifa than Abu Bakr?


Bagh E Fidak Shia Sunni Nazariyat Ki Roshni Main By Nawab Muhsin Ul Mulk Mehdi Ali Khan

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Some narrations state that they were read by Ibn Abbas [ra]. So Abu Bakr refused to hand over anything from it to Fatima who got angry with Abu Bakr for this reason. We appeal to justice, a man that uses such filthy language against Sayyida Fatima ashas no right to be referred to as the Khalifa of Rasulullah sit is not appropriate for a leader to use such language in his court before an ordinary member of the public and here Abu Bakr sought it fit to attribute such terms to Fatima as daughter of the Prophet s.

Hum ahle bait k muhabbat me ande nahi hui hai. Primary sources including the Sirah Rasul Allah Biography of the Prophet of Ibn Ishaq describe the conquest of Khaybar, detailing the agreement of Muhammad with the Jews to remain in Fadak and cultivate their land, retaining one-half of the produce of the oasis.

Quran me bahot se jagah Allah ne Rasool ki nafarmaaani karne per sakti ki hai????? Abu Bakr aur Umar ne kai dafa rasool Allah ki nafarmani ki hai. Umar set fire to the house of Fatema Zehra s. September 21, at 7: June 8, at 1: He sent a person to Abu Bakr requesting him to visit him unaccompanied by anyone disapproving the presence of Umar.