finansowe między Polską a Unią Europejską w ramach Wspólnej Polityki .. Balcerzak-Paradowska B., Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków, IPiSS. tions (Balcerzak-Paradowska, , p. 11). Profilaktyka i wspomaganie pedagogiczne rodziny (wybrane Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków. Balcerzak-Paradowska, B. (). Rodzina i polityka rodzinna na przełomie wieków, IPiSS, Warszawa. Bogacka-Kisiel E. (ed.) (). Finanse osobiste.

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According to the criterion of efficiency in performing parental care and socialization function suggested by S.

Czere- decka and D. Poverty of a family from provincial Poland and attractiveness of a school child among peers. Le niak and A.

Based on research of andF. There is a new, compared with the last century, tendency among multi- child families to become more integrated and to provide family self-help support B. About Login Register Current Archives.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Email this article Login required. The family raising multiple offspring is also negatively perceived in ped- agogy as an environment which threatens successful child socialisation mainly due to the lack of financial assets which are essential for proper edu- cation and child development.

In comparison with one-child families Table 3there are three times more three-child families who suffer from poverty and five and half times more four-child families.


Przeobra enia zagro- enia, patologia, Wyd. It should be emphasized that not all contempo- rary families raising multiple children require help.

Keywords adolescents attitude communication competence creativity e-learning education family higher education integration learning lifelong learning motivation quality of life student students teacher teachers teaching training values.

Sociology of Family – University of Łódź

Child develop- ment in the family raising multiple offspring might be positively influenced by attitudes of pzreomie friendliness expressed by all family members. This has been proved by the research of B.

The New Educational Review, 1, 78 – Family roles are different in small and large fami- lies, complete and broken families or reconstituted and extended families. The article concludes with a summary and recommendations by individual models.

Keywords family; institutional and legal analysis; family policy models; instruments of family policy; socio-axiological. The family has certain common characteristics such as its own history, traditions and a value system.

In this study, antinomies of multi-child rodzinan functions refer to so called practical antinomies where the conditions of performing particular functions mutually exclude one another.

In academic publications, characterised by intellectual deliberations on family issues and based on theoretical or experimental assumptions, the image rozina family tends to be present- ed in a realistic and objective way.

Social Politics

The results revealed that the analyzed factors: Not only did the above mentioned authors characterise families in details, but they paradoaska developed family models. The relationship between negative socio-demographic factors and the number of children in a family may uncover other negative processes influ- encing multi-child families such as juvenilisation of poverty and social pov- erty.


Rodzina wielodzietna w okresie transformacji systemo- wej. Dziecko w rodzinie z problemem bezrobocia [in: They are presented below in details. The categories of families discussed above provoke reflection on change- ability of affiliation to a certain social group. The table rodzins includes data concerning families with three children recognised by the Insti- tute of Labour and Social Affairs Polish: Therefore, I believe M.

Firlit — Fesnakp. The student will be able to explain the relationship between the demographic situation in the country and the situation on the labor market and the functioning of the social security system.

The author provides the list of families that need government assistance: It is impossible to discuss all the classifications of family functions. Firlit — Fesnak G. This indicates that every tenth one-child family is poor, comparing to two-thirds of poor families raising four and more chil- dren.

They live both in rural and urban areas. Instytut Pracy i Spraw Socjalnych as multi-child families. Sytuacja rodzin i polityka rodzinna w Polsce.