PPR (Polypropylene random copolymers) are thermoplastic resins produced through Banninger is a well known company in the field of PPR Pipe production. PPR (Polypropylene Random) has become a key material for hot and cold drinking Banninger German are manufactures of plastic pressure pipes and fittings. Data sheet 1 pdf. Please contact our office – tel: / 26 Category: Polypropylene (PP-R) fittings – Bänninger · B-R Coupling PP-R G

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The company exhibits at various industry events worldwide.

We will be pleased to provide you with further information. Information about Bannninger industrial material. Polypropylene-random-copolymer with a modified crystalline structure and increased temperature resistance, RAL traffic green. The high resistance to chemicals and good long-term properties compared to many other materials, even at high temperatures, are characteristic for PP-R.

To read an article from the print version of the magazine online, please enter the webcode at the bottom of the page in the box below. A new generation of material, thanks to its structure, pipes and fittings can be produced with higher hydraulic capacity or with higher compressive strength.

Plastic pipes and moulded parts in the PP-Industrial range generally have all of the advantages, which have been tried-and-tested for decades in all areas of industrial application.


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Moulded parts and specialist components manufactured in accordance with standards.

Based in Reiskirchen in Hesse, the medium-sized family banningef has a second manufacturing plant in Stassfurt in Saxony-Anhalt. The excellent UV-resistance offers the possibility of outdoor installations without the effort of additional protective measures. Webcode Banningsr read an article from the print version of the magazine online, please enter the webcode at the bottom of the page in the box below. Our moulded fittings have been proven for decades in gas and water supply.

Both locations are feeling the skills shortage. The medium-sized family enterprise is capable of delivering pipes and fittings with exceptional diameters of up to mm which are used for sophisticated applications in industry and commerce.

Dynatherm PP-RCT

How are your experiences with this company? This means that – for the same application case – if the pipes are produced with thinner walls, they have higher flow capacity with a consistent outer diameter.

Information about PP-R material. Pipes and fittings in over-sized dimensions are made only by a select number of suppliers worldwide. Particularly the banningfr resistance to corrosion guarantees a long-lasting and durable service life.


Bänninger Kunststoff-Produkte GmbH

banningr PVC has increased heat deflection and chemical resistance and is particularly resistant to chlorine attacks. Sign up for our weekly newsletterincluding top interviews and selected company profiles from one sector. Through the fine surface structure, PE moulded fittings are an ideal material for transporting gases and fluids. This results in diverse applications.

Information about PE material. Information about PVC-U material. Inthe company opened its own hanninger in the USA and started a new extrusion system for over-sized pipes with diameters of up to mm, including patented multilayer compound pipes. Since then, the company has been family owned and managed. Offering the highest quality and durability, its products are high in demand in over 70 countries across the globe.

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The polyethylene injection moulded fittings are characterised by excellent physical and mechanical properties. The new general catalogue always and everywhere.

Inthe first production subsidiary was opened in the UAE, and the premises were extended in