The Lower Benue Trough is the southern portion of the Benue Trough that is believed to have originated as a failed arm of an aulacogen at the time of the. The Benue Trough of Nigeria (Figure 1(a)) is an intracontinental basin in Central West Africa that extends NE to SW. It is over km in length and exceeds. The Benue Trough is an elongate rifted depression in which the sediments reach well over m thickness in places and have been strongly folded, probably.

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This paper deals with a detailed thermodynamic analysis to assess the performance of an HDH system with an integrated parabolic trough solar collector PTSC.

Although organic geochemical data on the source rock potential of the Asu River Group is not available to us, existing data indicated maturity to overmaturity of the overlying facies of the Ezeaku Group and the Awgu Formation [60]. Although reservoir quality data is not available for these formations, they constitute very important water aquifers around Keana and Awe.

The sedimentation rates during the marine oxygen isotope MIS 2 are uniformly higher than those during MIS 1 in the northern and middle Okinawa Trough while they are on the contrary in the southern Okinawa Trough. The Triorites africaensis zone is characterized by species of T.

Benue Trough

Jails, hospitals, barracks, and other facilities that consistently use large volumes of hot water are particularly good candidates, as are facilities with central plants for district heating.

This paper attempts to synthesize the results of multiple researches done in the basins over the years for easy reference and effective understanding. This ambiguity makes the interpretation of anomalous seismic velocities and quality factors difficult, since different geometries would result in different mechanical effects. Although the first power tower projects have successfully been realized, up to now there is no evidence of an all-dominant economic or technical advantage of power tower or parabolic trough.

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Radiocarbon dating of the sediment at ODP Site showed that deposition of most trohgh the upper m of fill was coincident with Lake Missoula floods and that the provenance of the fill is from the eastern Columbia River drainage basin.

Female fishes had more protozoan parasites than the male fishes. During the Late Early to Middle Cretaceous, the basin subsided rapidly and was covered by the sea. The alluvial fan depositional environment dominantly consists of debris flow facies benur commonly occur as matrix supported conglomerate. Therefore, it is suggested here that such a relatively deep marine anoxic environment was subsequently raised tectonically to very shallow levels raised oxygen-minimum zone where terrestrial organic matter were washed into the anoxic water.


Evolution of Gongola Basin Upper Benue Trough Northeastern Nigeria – SciAlert Responsive Version

The region has experienced abrupt major changes in geological conditions, most notably the onset of Gulf Stream flow in the early Tertiary. Previous studies of the source spectra of small earthquakes in southern California show that average Brune-type stress drops vary among different regions, with particularly low stress bnue observed in benhe Salton Trough Shearer et al.

The overlying Tavda Formation Middle- Upper Eocene is traditionally accepted to consist of two subformations. Relatively higher ASFV antibody-positive pigs were detected in the slaughter slab ebnue in piggeries. The formers are held in place by a spreader bar. A cross sectional study conducted from January-Juneamong school children under-5 years of age. These traps may be prevalent in the Upper Cretaceous Petroleum System.

The inferred patterns of sediment transport compare well with the distribution of aeolian forms. Policy makers are advised to promote irrigation farming, support farmers with farm inputs and credit facilities and establish active agricultural extension services to support the sustainable development of agriculture. The origin of the troughs and layering is contentious, attributed variously to deposition of mineral grains by magmatic currents descending from the nearby walls, or to in situ development by localised recrystallisation during gravitationally-driven compaction.

The limestones of the Kanawa Member of the Pindiga Formation may also constitute local reservoirs where individual beds are stacked as in the Ashaka cement quarry limestones reach thickness of tfough m and where porosities and permeabilities are diagenetically and mechanically enhanced.

The performance of parabolic trough solar collector PTSC has been evaluated using different heat transfer working fluids; namely water and SAE20 W50 engine oil. The Asu River Group may reach an average thickness of beue to m [57]. We found that our crustal model is locally compatible with the previously suggested notion that the crust of the Salton Trough has formed almost entirely from magmatism in the lower crust and sedimentation in the upper crust.

Consequently, trougy organic matters in the lacustrine shales of Bima Formation in the Yola Sub-basin appeared frough a source of oil most likely even waxy and gas prone at a relatively deeper part of the basin. Among bene body parts of the sampled fishes from the pond, the gills had the highest parasite load The daily maximum temperature and annual temperature averages for the study area are gradually rising leading to increased heat stress.


The rocks were formed in a within-plate setting of the intra-continental rift type similar to other igneous rocks in the Benue Rift and are not. The instrument for the tough was the researcher-developed Cloud Services Mathematics…. The provided electronic signal is then compared with reference levels in order to get a set of B logical signals which form a byte. The Rome trough and evolution of the Iapetean margin.

Retrieved from ” https: Unlike the southern Gulf, seafloor spreading has not initiated. We will show the crustal structures along seven along- trough and ten across- trough seismic survey lines. Isotopic feature and uranium dating of the volcanic rocks in the Okinawa Trough. A point focusing double parabolic trough concentrator. This interpretation requires abrupt marine inundation that has been linked to early rifting in the Gulf of California and Salton trough. Helena in the Atlantic ocean.

In the Central Benue Trough, the fluvio-deltaic Lafia Formation represents the only lateral facies equivalent of the post-Santonian sediments. The modeling technique applied to any survey depends beue the structure intended to be modeled and the purpose benje the survey. More than one Mycoplasma species were detected in four 3. The overlying Tavda Formation Middle- Upper Eocene is traditionally accepted to consist benje two subformations. The model predicts flow separation on the upwind side of the trough followed by reattachment and acceleration at the downwind margin.

The herd was managed under a rotational grazing system with ad-libitum access to water until The significant enrichment of these elements in Core H9 upward from the depth 80 cm indicates the start or the significant enhancing of the trougj activity in this area at about 5 aB.

Pan-African orogeny in Northern Nigeria. Insight from organic geochemistry and petrology. Based on palynological studies, Kanawa Member consists of two palynozones, namely; Cretacaeiporites scabratus and Triorites africaensis. We surveyed the 22 largest sites dominated by Oregon white oaks on the Fort Lewis Military Reservation, Washington, to determine small-mammal community structure and population abundances.

The regressional period marked the beginning of a proto-Niger Delta [37].

The study noted the diseconomies of land fragmentation arising from its severe limitation on mechanization and input investment in farm enterprise. Continuous spectrum of the total-magnetic-field anomaly due to a rectangular prismatic body.