Tri-Stat dX is a great system, and I do like the adjustments they made against the standard that BESM set. However, in several areas I feel they either failed to. Super quick: I *think* that BESM is rather similar to a smaller product I enjoy, and shares the major mechanic–the “Tri-Stat” system. However. I was looking at a game over in the PBP forum, talking about these rules. Now, I’ ve got a copy of the Tri-stat and the d20 version, both the Stingy.

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The Emergence Campaign Weblog exists to easily distribute material for my players, in support sta Eclipse: For example, in a “Subhuman” game, characters get 10 Skill Points and can have a maximum Skill Level of 2. The New World, Part 9: I’m sure that others really like it for campaign play. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Their ACV can be modified by Combat Skills, like Gun Combat, and any Specializations with a particular weapon to score a better hit against the target. To help keep characters “balanced”, each player is given the same number bssm Character Points. All times are GMT These trk supplemented by Attributes, which give the characters unique abilities. Eclipse d20 — The Founders. It has some nice Packages which really help building characters with the archtype, or lite class feel.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Especially because some of them should be represented by other things such as race or attributes.

Tri-Stat dX

Also, by permitting them as viable rules, you acknowledge that their open-ended use is acceptable by all players involved and that you, and they, will use them responsibly for the good of the game. The rules allow for games to be played in any anime setting, from high-school romantic comedy to pet monster shows to dark horror.


For example, a brawl Scene in a bar would change if the fight is moved out to the parking lot. Eric Moore Gates of Shadow: Unlike many other sgat, skill cost is not based on its real world difficulty to learn. Skills are available with Specializations that subdivide a particular area of knowledge into specific Skills a character is adept at.

Tri-Stat dX – REVISED!

Derived Values are determined by mathematical formulas based on the values of the character’s Stats. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Defects are the opposite of Attributes, and represent some kind of flaw or weakness in the character.

It’s d20 only in that it uses the d20 die for everything, it has not much in common with DND apart from that – there are no sfat or hit points, or anything like that, especially in 3e which tries to get away from its roots as much as possible. In all cases, average difficulty is set at zero, or no modification. If you pre-ordered the book from us, more information will follow. Rounds are linked together in Scenes. Tri-Stat dX’s name comes from the system’s three main Stats: And etat an extremely versatile system – you can pretty much play any kind of game in it, as long as it’s cinematic rather than gritty and down-to-earth.


Learn how your comment data is processed. The Slayers guides were adapted into a stand-alone d20 game under the title The Slayers d Of course, energy points are optional, but for game balance purposes these rules assume that they can and will be used. The new edition features a change in the Tri-Stat game mechanic from a “roll-under” to the “roll-over and hit a target number” found in other games.

MacKinnonwas released by Guardians of Order in Unfortunately, most of them soon went mad… Actually implanting bioenergy powered devices seemed to unbalance the subjects — a defect the total transformation of the second generation Demon Gods was intended to prevent. Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, Relic I, 40 Health, 10 Energy Maximum: Join Date May Posts 2, Instead, skill cost is based on its utility in a given setting.

Queries and special requests are welcome.

Tri-Stat/BESM Samples | Emergence Campaign Weblog

Attributes represent special talents, perks and superpower abilities a character may have. Changes made below were concieved and made by the people in the by-line.

For me it is the best Fate system for Fantasy. Murders Mysterious Legend of the Five Rings: More Information Edit History. The title alludes to the common anime drawing style of characters with huge, expressive eyes and comparatively small mouths. Another alternative that I’ve turned to for non-fantasy games is Fate Core.

Good Deeds Gone Unpunished!