When The Prophet married her, both daughters came with her mother to live in the house of the Prophet. Hazrat Fatima (sa) was born five years before Bethat. Posts about bibi fatima ki kahani in urdu written by mehdisyed.

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The girls stayed at this king’s palace for a few days, when the king sent a message to the first king that he had found the two girls in the forest.

Roti peet thi apnay luktay jigar ki talaash mein doobara ghar se niklee. The Prophet of Islam would oahani marry his daughters into the pagans.

bibi fatima ki kahani

Jannatul Baqii This is a plot of land not far from where the mosque of the prophet stood and the houses of his companions around it were built as living quarters. Coincidentally after the king left, another king bibj his entourage i at the same forest for a hunt as well. Too the person who asked why it’s not a translation. Sometimes you just have to believe and I have seen so many people who have done ‘mannat’ to read this beautiful kahani and have got their prayer accepted.

Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional

Posted April 5, Itifiqan ek diulhan ka lotta jo jehez mey mila tha waheen reh gia. Kahanni ka phaila hisa khatum hoaa. Doosrey badshah ney dono larkiyon ko rukhsat kardiaa aur Larkiyaan apney waldain se milker bahut hi khush huin.


Very few family members were present at the burial of the daughter of the Prophet. Itafaqan bivi wapis jaaney ke bad fatuma doosrey mulk ka badshah issi jungle main sheekaar khelney ke liyey aaya aur apney wazir ko hookum diya key pani talaash kerke laaey.

In their sleep they saw a masked lady with a brilliant aura approach them and tell them that if they make a vow to listen urfu the story of Janab e Fatima after they are reunited with their parents, they will be saved.

Itney mey itnee zor ki aandhi chalee kay sub log urrgai. It’s unfortunate that no amount of reasoning akhani change her mind. She praised the Holy prophet and his Holy daughter, She then requested to Janab e Sayeeda to teach her the religion of Islam. Jub badshah inke pass. I will go wearing old clothes, because father dearest says that the best jewellery for muslims girls is life of piety and absitence and the best decoration is modesty and bashfulness.

I haven’t come across the original Arabic narration. It’s all about faith. The two girls were in the meantime terrified and scared for being separated from their parents, and started to cry, so much so that they eventually fell asleep crying.


Bibi Fatima Ki Kahani – Emotional – video dailymotion

Posted December 17, Lashkar waley thakaawat duur karney kay leeye laittey. Posted February 3, Larrka kailtay kailtay oos taraf nikal gaya. Seepahee wahan gia to kia daikhta hai kay jahan per larkiyoon kay baap ka mahal that wahaan maidaan hai aur ussi maidaan oahani lotta rakhaa hai.

Maa barri paraishaan houee.

Posted March 5, At this point Janab e Sayeeda told the goldsmith’s widow, that this was the first part of the story, now I will tell you the second part. Tafseer-e- Kabir by Al-Razi. Ye sunkar woh Hazrat Ali A.

See more of ”islam the True Path” on Facebook. Asma binte Umais in the same house to help her household work tells the story of her death in a very moving manner.

The Verse in Surah Dahr revealed in praise of their extremely charitable act in the way of Allah. The year was A. Kahaji wahan gia to kia daikhta hai kay jahan per larkiyoon kay baap ka mahal that wahaan maidaan hai aur ussi maidaan may lotta rakhaa hai.

Is shaan se janab Saiyada A.