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Oxidative stress resistance proteins are necessary in the pathogenic marine Vibrio species for the progression of virulence Stress resistance and disease resistance in seaweeds: Traffic of secondary metabolites to cell surface in the red alga Laurencia dendroidea depends matinha a two-step transport by the cytoskeleton.

Further, we observed the upregulation of L. J Appl Phycol 7: J Nat Prod The transcriptome sequencing of L. By expanding knowledge about seaweed-bacterium interactions and about the integrated defensive system in seaweeds, this work offers the basis for buologia development of tools to increase the resistance of cultured seaweeds to bacterial infections.

The MAPK cascade transduces extracellular stimuli into intracellular responses during plant defense against pathogens and can induce the expression of defense-related genes through the phosphorylation of transcription factors, such as ERF Our work suggests that well-known mechanisms acting rento the plant innate immunity response are also present in seaweeds Fig.

Besides being directly toxic to microbes 17ROS participate in intracellular signaling mechanisms leading to the activation of other defense responses 18such as the expression of genes related to the jarinha of secondary metabolites J Appl Phycol Davidson NM, Oshlack A. Induction of halogenated vesicle transport in cells of the red seaweed Laurencia obtusa. Most of the genes differentially expressed were upregulated in the inoculated samples of L.

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National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Patterns of gene expression induced by oligoguluronates reveal conserved and environment-specific molecular defense responses in the brown alga Laminaria digitata.


Kelps feature systemic defense responses: Infection of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus by the oomycete Eurychasma dicksonii induces oxidative stress and halogen metabolism. To identify the transcripts associated with the biosynthesis of terpenoid compounds, we analyzed the transcriptome of L. Mol Biol Evol Vibrio biplogia a genus of Gram-negative bacteria associated with ice-ice disease in several red drespo, such as Kappaphycus alvarezii and Eucheuma denticulatum 5and also with hole-rotten disease in the brown seaweed Laminaria japonica Here, biologiz detected, in both control and inoculated samples, the expression of genes coding for LRR-RLKs, representing a major class of receptors involved in microbe detection in plants through the marunha of MAMPs 54suggesting that these genes are constitutively expressed in the red seaweed L.

Pathogen-induced defense and innate immunity in macroalgae. Journal List mSphere v. Identification of Arabidopsis ethylene-responsive element binding factors with distinct induction kinetics after pathogen infection. Meng X, Zhang S. Quality control renayo preprocessing of metagenomic datasets. Genes involved in PI signaling were also upregulated in L.

Overall, MAMPs include conserved molecules that are characteristic of microbes but are absent in hosts, e. A central integrator of transcription networks biklogia plant stress and energy signalling. All of us read and approved the final manuscript. Plating the seaweed tissue homogenate on thiosulfate-citrate-bile salts-sucrose TCBS media did not result in bacterial growth, suggesting that this reduction was not due to bacterial attachment to L. Diseases can significantly impact host populations by promoting a decrease of individual fitness and negatively affecting the ability of seaweeds to defend against herbivores 8.

Intra-cellular storage, transport and ernato of halogenated mariha in marine red alga Laurencia obtusa. Finally, we verified the upregulation of genes associated with energy metabolism, indicating that the defense mechanisms in L. Because ROS can react with essential host molecules, the activity of antioxidant enzymes is important to limit the oxidative burst.

The Rac1 homolog of rice is a regulator of ROS production and induces the expression of defense-related genes promoting resistance against pathogenic bacteria It is also necessary to determine if the measured differences represented a generic response of Laurencia to bacteria or a response to a specific potential pathogen. Primary metabolism and plant defense—fuel for the fire.


Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. The accurate quantification of the libraries was accomplished using model real-time PCR Applied Biosystems and a Kapa library quantification kit Kapa Biosystems. Further, a relevant role was attributed to Snf1-related protein kinases as global regulators of gene expression, inducing catabolic pathways that provide alternative sources of energy and controlling genes that encode signal transduction components and transcription regulators The response of L.

Genes related to the biosynthesis of terpenes characterized for perfira first time in Laurencia dendroidea with their EC number, Blast E value, ppereira, and similarity and the metabolic pathway in which they participate.

Hexaprenyl diphosphate synthase geranylgeranyl-diphosphate specific.

Thieme E-Journals – Planta Medica / Abstract

Effect of elatol, isolated from red seaweed Laurencia dendroideaon Leishmania amazonensis. The present report shows that even though Boilogia. Stenmark H, Olkkonen VM. In vitro anti-trypanosomal activity of elatol isolated from red seaweed Laurencia dendroidea.

The innate immunity of a marine red alga involves oxylipins from both the eicosanoid and octadecanoid pathways. Gene product EC no. A few bacterial sequences were detected through Blast searches against the NCBI-nr database and were removed from subsequent analysis. Please review our privacy policy. Hypothetical model representing bacterium recognition through microbe-associated molecular pattern [MAMP] and some relevant metabolic processes overrepresented in the transcriptomic profile of Laurencia dendroidea in response to Vibrio madracius.

J Struct Biol