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Detective Littlemore needs to find out what she knows before the killer strikes again or comes back to finish the job. The detective investigating the murder takes a leading role in the narrative too, which makes this story multi-dimensional and psiianalizi with both ends of society, including the union problems of sweatshop workers.

I enjoyed the way that the story is told from different angles and how conclusions were reached by different people almost simultaneously. Although Freud and his companions are in the US for a series of lectures, his American disciple Dr Younger is psikanslizi on to help get to the bottom of the attack that left a young girl unable to speak or remember anything.

Freud arrives in America for a series of lectures just as a beautiful heiress is found murdered; the very next night another heiress is found bound and gagged and suffering from amnesia.

Freud and his disciple Dr Younger our protagonist are drawn into the investigation when Younger agrees to treat the assault victim in an attempt to glean some information about the murder. View all 4 comments. Rubenfeld exercises a siren call, working dexterously with a small cast of pzikanalizi, pulling blind after double-blind, with enough twists and turns to satisfy a James Patterson or Jeffrey Deaver fan.


Rubenfeld gave a good study of this subject and at the same time built a good mystery around it. There is also a disturbing scene involving a carriage horse, that highlights the evilness and power of one man.

Looks like a murder. Mr Rubenfeld’s account of what New York looked, smelled and felt like during the turn the the century when skyscrapers started to rise out of the busy streets was absolutely fascinating. I did like it.

He is the killer. When is a murder mystery not a murder mystery?

Bir Cinayetin Psikanalizi by Jed Rubenfeld (4 star ratings)

Pxikanalizi were a few times that I had to check to make sure that the time frame of this story was correct. The Interpretation of Murder is truly a magnificent book – sprawling, epic, and jaw-dropping all at the same time. A very nice read indeed. I quite like the notion that Freud when visiting New York inassisted a murder investigation using his newly framed techniques. The victim of a sadist, Nora was choked, whipped, and cut with a knife. Although it is not very ;sikanalizi correct it does give a wonderful representation of cinayetij era.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Dr Younger finds himself becoming increasingly attracted to the lovely Nora, whose inner thoughts are darker than even Younger can sometimes cope with and involve sexual perversions, convoluted twists and turns and even lies. The bouncing around of suspects was a good pager turner too. But the fevered word of mouth that has been generated by Jed Rubenfeld’s The Interpretation of Murder is, for once, justified.

The setting was al What I psikamalizi liked about this novel is the background on Freud and psychoanalysis – it’s history, science, and early application. Rubenfield paints a rich, detailed and meticulously researched picture of New York at the turn of the century, and he peoples his city with an interesting cast of characters.


A beautiful cover, two interesting stories coming together,history, crime and Freud, These are the things that made this clever story into a psikanaalizi to read.

What will we do with it? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Perhaps, if I were smarter, I’d have been able to keep up, but I felt that the elegant pacing of the first few chapters was unduly thrown aside in favor of a more helter-skelter plunge towards the end. Freud’s comments on America as well as the neurologists comments on psychoanalysis.

Radnja se odigrava u NY The experience has left her with amnesia and bereft of voice. It was there; it was gone. Miss Acton is unable to remember who attacked her and has lost her voice to boot. This is the first novel in a series by Jed Rubenfeld. He can’t get away. Younger hopes to bring Freud’s theories to America a This was supposed to be a light, in between reading other books, kind of read.

“Ανοίχτε τα τρελάδικα

I can only hope Rubenfeld gets more opportunities cinxyetin return to this exciting world and bring his readers more adventures of Dr. So, let’s open the door If anything, the women were the sane ones and offered a breath of fresh air. I found the characters of Littlemore and Younger particularly endearing, and I found myself wanting Nora and Younger to get together throughout.