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There is also a disturbing scene involving a carriage horse, that highlights the evilness and power of one man. Detective Littlemore creeps in from nowhere, it seems, and very nearly succeeds in taking over the book at one point.

Bir Cinayetin Psikanalizi

Open Preview See a Problem? According to the author, he based this novel This is the first novel in a series by Jed Rubenfeld. It’s a he, right? The book was also a fascinating glimpse into psikanaliz dynamic between Freud and Jung, and worthy reading for that alone.

Jed Rubenfeld does a great job of sticking closely to the source material while introducing fictional elements. Cknayetin if thats not enough, the end that changes the world upside down I was particularly interested in the “conflict” Freud creates against another character in the story.

Then she had it again.

“Ανοίχτε τα τρελάδικα

His second, The Death Instinct, was a historical mystery thriller which I thoroughly enjoyed. And so well written that you are absorbed by it. The fact that Freud and Jung were characters in the book was a blast. With pieces of the investigation coming from all sides, we are lead on a trail through the human psyche. Freud has always been an interesting man.


Jed Rubenfeld takes his place in literary entertainment with grand eloquence in his first novel, The Interpretation of Murderpublished cinayettin Henry Holt. This story lots to offer to mystery lovers bif well as devotees of psikanallizi New York and the followers of Freud and Jung. But tonight I persevered and pushed through said bounciness and kicked this book’s ass!

Hir favorite exchange is: I enjoyed the way that the story is told from different angles and how conclusions were reached by different people almost simultaneously. Hope psikanaliz enjoy reading it! What I really liked about this novel is the background on Freud and psychoanalysis – it’s history, science, and early application.

The experience has left her with amnesia and bereft of voice. Good story, but not really sure whether the inclusion of Freud in the book added anything.

I came across this book in a second hand bookstore almost 10 years ago, and while I remember nothing at all about the plot except that Jung was in it, I still remember how wonderfully Rubenfeld bought the city and Jung to life. The book would have been interesting through the eyes of Dr. In a time when Tammany Hall ruled New York and made a puppet of most officers and politicians, I liked that there was an pskianalizi one in the bunch that really did just want to make sure the mystery was solved right.


The era is so well recalled here, the sexuality seems almost shocking.

I think I fell in love with the true to heart detective, Littlemore, the most. Stratham Younger, an American psychoanalyst, is appointed by the university to act as liaison officer for Dr. The novel begins as Dr. The Interpretation of Murder was his first novel. To ask other readers questions about Bir Cinayetin Psikanaliziplease sign up. His Oedipus theory is only one of several yet it must be one of the best known, and talked about.

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Also, I don’t know if it’s just my dark sense of humour, but I literally laughed out loud at some parts of the book. Anyone who can put it down pages from the end has more willpower than I.

My paperback copy also included an author interview, which provided even more interesting information on the book. I stood on the docks and awaited Dr.

Jed Rubenfeld does a great job of st The only problem I had with this book was the pacing. I wasn’t really expecting much, but I mostly loved it.