The forest dweller, Yhalen is captured by ogres, and surviving their viciousness, he is given to Bloodraven, the half ogre, half human war leader. The forest dweller, Yhalen is captured by ogres, and surviving their viciousness, he is given to Bloodraven, the half ogre, half human war leader as a slave. A son of a forest dwelling people, Yhalen knows little of the world outside the ancestral forest, until he is captured by a band of ogres on a.

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Bloodraven has never before been loved by any being other than his dogs. Okay, not all of it but the biggest part.

Because where does Icehand fit in with the descriptions of ogres being savages incapable of deep emotions and only ruled by their primal needs? While I loved the first half, the middle dragged a bit and the end was a bit unsatisfactory. No need for Yhalen to not live where Bloodraven does. This medieval type realm and magical world is well developed and the characters fully fleshed out. With it gone, he almost felt bare.


Yes, there was rape, yes Bloodraven raped Yhalen, but definitely not in the way I expected. March 8, Words: I should not have started this book when I did.

As a wise friend informed me along my journey, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. It’s relentless and almost unbearable. The story was well written, with good pacing and great characterization.


Kavarr BloodravenYhalen. But if you want a lot, you can’t p.lnunn better than this. They are genuinely frightening and horrible, but they are not simply monsters.

The world building is what initially sucked me in. Provided Elvardo doesn’t just evict the King’s human retainers, because part of me wishes he’d toy with them and then kick them all out. However, as goodreads has taught me, ratings are not infallible. Given how it ended, one assumes there will be a sequel. This story is a work of fiction.

Bloodraven Series

Only, as vivid as those memories were, the irritating, painful, even frightening ones—there were others that came later, which stirred things within him. But, Yhalen will become integral to his plan when events go awry. I enjoyed all the characters. Ultimately, he blokdraven a stand-in for the nation-building emigrant: The chemistry between Bloodraven and Yahlen was hot, deliciously so, but smex is not always a happy occasion.


Impossible is only an opinion. Yhalen is always in conflict about his emotions toward Bloodraven. Did I love it?

Smashwords – Bloodraven – A book by PL Nunn – page 1

As the story progresses the two forge an uneasy relationship that will be tested time and again. Aug 22, Christina rated it really liked it Shelves: Sort of a follow up of Vindication. Other books in the series. From the first page her care in writing is apparent, her characters took shape quickly and were people you wanted to follow, to root for, to suffer and cry and hug and love.

Bloodraven by P.L. Nunn – FictionDB

Interracial love at its best. View all comments. She should have trimmed the lengthy journey towards the end down a bit and taken full advantage of the friction and power games between Yhalen and Bloodraven instead. Yhalen proves to be strong and resourceful – as well as magic.