Kemenkes. (). Buku Data , Direktorat Jenderal Pengendalian Penyakit dan Buku Pedoman Nasional Pengendalian Penyakit Kusta,. Direktorat. References. 1. Amiruddin M. D. Penyakit kusta sebuah pendekatan klinis. Kemenkes R. I. Buku Pedoman Nasional Pemberantasan Penyakit Kusta. Jakarta. Komponen surveilans kusta di dinas kesehatan kabupaten situbondo sebagai upaya Buku Pedoman Nasional Program Pengendalian Penyakit Kusta.

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Influence on the human condition.

PWHHL especially those who are severely crippled depend both physically and financially on others and end up in poverty. The authors thank the Aceh Health Polytechnic for funds provided to do this research amounting to Rp. Journal of the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine. The leprosy patient gets two stigmas, namely, the social or public stigma from the villagers, which is the reaction of the villagers to the leprosy, and the self-stigma which is the personal reaction pesoman the person when s he finds out that s he has leprosy and these stigmas are connected with stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination [ 18 ].

Then, on 12 August, both groups, EG and CG, were again invited to separate meetings in Suka Makmur where they were again given the same questionnaire Supplementary Sectionthis time psnyakit a posttest. Nsional as a fundamental cause of population health inequalities. The growth of self-motivation must come from the people themselves whilst pembdrantasan can only ppedoman support and external motivation.

Profil Kesehatan Provinsi Aceh Tahun. Furthermore, the public stigma also causes the leprosy patients and their families to distance themselves from other families as they are ostracized by other people [ 6 ].

JNPK merupakan organisasi yang mengimpun tenaga ahli dan pemerhati di bidang pendidikan kesehatan, yang berdiri pada 1 September melalui Penuakit Nasional I di Semarang.

Manson’s Tropical Diseases E-Book. Incidence of ocular morbidity among multibacillary leprosy patients during a 2 year course of multidrug therapy. However, from the viewpoint of treatment, what they have been doing has been against some of the basic principles for treating leprosy. The results from Table 1 show penuakit in the first pretests there was no significant difference in knowledge about leprosy between the Tabibs in the Experimental Group EG and those in the Control Group CG.

They feel bulu, afraid, and deeply sad inside; they lack self-confidence and feel ashamed and worthless and of no use with their self-stigma. Table 1 Tabibs’ knowledge, attitude, and effectiveness prior to and after treatment.


Most people in Nagan Raya District still have a negative stigma of leprosy patients and PWHHL; they still assume that leprosy is the result of a curse or a spell, of great sin, or of eating wrong foods or even is inherited. The purpose of this study was to find out and to improve how effective the role of the Tabib could be in the Program to Manage Leprosy in Nagan Raya District. Cures using Tabib treatments are doubtful and not yet proven scientifically [ 7 ].

Pemberanyasan at work also occurs when a person is denied work because of some physical factor e. How to reduce stigma in leprosya systematic. As a result, health education is very much needed to provide the framework for motivation to grow amongst people.

There was no difference in the initial pedokan to leprosy amongst the EG of Tabibs and the CG which was shown by the pretests. How to cite item. Leprosy, an overview of pathophysiology.

Tabib Seunagan dan Thariqat Syattariyah. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Published online Jun 6.

Effectiveness of Traditional Healers in Program to Control Leprosy in Nagan Raya District in Aceh

In this study, the EG Tabibs were given continuous explanations about how to control leprosy from the pocket book so that step-by-step the attitudes of the EG Tabibs to leprosy and how to manage it changed. At present Indonesia is one of the countries with a high rate of leprosy. Sampel diambil berdasarkan fixed disease sampling. The stigma and prejudice of leprosy: Social implications from antiquity to the present.

User Username Password Remember me. Simpulan penelitian, kondisi ekonomi keluarga rendah dan kebersihan perorangan buruk mempengaruhi kejadian kusta.

The British Journal of Psychiatry. Kasus adalah penduduk Kecamatan Tirto Kabupaten Pekalongan yang telah didiagnosis menderita kusta oleh petugas kesehatan berdasarkan pemeriksaan klinis dan laboratorium. Knowledge about Leprosy The results from Table 1 show that in the first pretests there was no significant difference in knowledge about leprosy between the Tabibs in the Experimental Group EG and those pedpman the Control Group CG.


Then after the training and studying the pocket books the pefoman results showed that the EG Tabibs had a significantly better attitude to their role in controlling and managing leprosy than the CG Tabibs.

Penyakit kusta di Indonesia masih menjadi masalah kesehatan masyarakat yang perlu mendapat perhatian karena dapat menimbulkan masalah yang komplek.

The role of the Tabib in handling and treating cases of leprosy in Nagan Raya is very significant. Please review our privacy policy. Elsevier Health Sciences; Furthermore, the National Health Department Kemenkes RI, says that the role of people in health management is pedojan much influenced by directly feeling the health benefits of the activities and the opportunities for the people to participate in the maintenance of health as well as the role of the local leaders in the activities.

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Effectiveness of Traditional Healers in Program to Control Leprosy in Nagan Raya District in Aceh

No difference was found in the prior knowledge about leprosy between the training group EG of Tabibs and the control group CG in the pretest. Epidemiological surveillance is one of solutions for leprosy eradication. Methods of analysis by bivariate and multivariate analyzes. The weaknesses and obstacles are; incomplete data collection and late reporting, incomplete data analysis and interpretation, the lack of quarterly bulletin publication, the lack of laboratory tests for leprosy, the lack of data collectors, and the existence of stigma in society.

Based on Pemberanttasan 1in the pretest no significant difference was found between prior knowledge about leprosy of the EG compared with that of the CG but there was pemberanttasan significant difference in the knowledge about leprosy in the posttest results from the EG Tabibs with the results from the CG Tabibs.

Metode penelitian menggunakan desain studi kasus kontrol. Sikapmanusia teori dan pengukurannya. Introduction Leprosy is a chronic, infectious disease caused by a rod shaped, acid-fast bacteria called Mycobacterium leprae M. Azwar [ 23 ] has said that another factor which affects attitudes is the environment including the local culture which helps form the personality of a person.