Lug. NOTE: KITZ lug style butterfly valves are rated for bi-directional dead end service to full working pressure of the valve with the downstream flange removed. KITZ: Butterfly Valve: Stainless: Model 10XJME / 10XJMEA / PN16XJME. Butterfly Valves – 10XJME / 10XJMEA / PN16XJME. Butterfly Valves – 10XJME. Butterfly Valves of Kitz, Check out the variety of configurable, Butterfly Valves of Kitz for industrial has other mechanical components, Press .

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Year of Establishment Non-peeling Seat-to-body Construction Molded-in bonded seat structure is employed for size 2″ to 12″.

Additionally, these products are tested for their quality on series of quality constraints before being delivered to our patrons. KITZ butterfly valves are available in a variety of body materials and seat combinations ready to meet our customers’ needs.

We strictly performance the hydraulic test for each valve according to the worldwide standards and customer requirements. Retightening of gland packing There is a room between the gland and the lever or gear to allow retightening of gland boltings without trouble of disassembly of the lever or gear during plant operation.

Wide range of service applications: Therefore, these can be used in standard high flow rate products and Torr vacuum lines. Thinly streamlined metal discs are the results of elaborate laboratory study to ultimately minimize the pressure loss. Austenitic stainless steel discs and EPDM rubber seats can handle many different kinds of line fluid without concern of corrosion. The DJ-series is a ductile butterfly valve using molded-in bonded seat structure.


AMBIT KITZ Butterfly Valves

The stem bearing of the EJ series is a multilayered backmetal to provide a high performance bearing surface capable of withstanding high pressure and temperature. Larger sized valves are provided with replaceable seat. Sensing Liquid Level of Tanks. Prevention of external fluid leakage is maximized with a rubber O-ring assembled around the top stem and tight contact between spherically designed rubber seat and spherically designed top and bottom end of the disc. Buttrfly Contact Call Seller Now.

Number of Employees Upto 10 People. Double-eccentric kinematics The valves stem is designed eccentric to both the ktz of the seat ring by X and the center of the valve body by Ywhich makes the clearance C between the seat ring and the disc seat surface on its fully open position Fig. Lining in nylon 11, which has high corrosion resistance, achieving long life of the valve main body the lining of the NFJ series applies the common mechanical equipment construction work specifications of Public Buildings Association, Ltd.

Within the stainless upper body bearing is a multi-layered bearing embedded to provide smooth stem operation.

price butterfly valve kitz

Light weight of die-cast aluminum valve body which is only one-thirds of KITZ’s conventional cast bugterfly butterfly valves eases valve-to-flange centering work on mounting valves on pipelines. Plastic bearing mounted to the stem and the sliding part of the body of the bottom stem, which stabilizes the opening and closing valve operation.

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The EPDM sheet cannot be used for oils. Optionally available NECK Mounting Kits enable easy change of valve necks to other type, depending on service conditions: Choice among 4 disc and 2 seat materials and manual, pneumatic or electric valve operating devices makes service applications highly versatile.


Stainless Steel Butterfl Valve. Low Valve Operating Torque Low operating torques are designed low for extension of valve service life and economic consideration in selection of valve operating devices.

Low operating torques are designed low for extension of valve service life and economic consideration in selection of valve operating devices. kitx

Best price HJ factory wafer gutterfly harga kitz pvc butterfly valve. The 3 type of seat material are; VMQ Silicone rubber which can be used for a wide range of temperature applications, W-NBR White NBRwhich is suitable butetrfly use in the food processing industry and FKM Fluoro rubber which has properties such as strength and durability idea for use on variety of fluid applications.

Cast Iron Butterfly Valve. Price butterfly valve kitz. We execute regional manangement for all the product materials. KITZ’s original cross-sectionally S-shaped valve discs with spherical surface evenly make tight contact with rubber liners for excellent sealing performance with reduced operating torque.

AMBIT KITZ Butterfly Valves, Rs /piece, Ambit Engineers | ID:

It also guarantees peel-free valve mounting on pipelines. The simultaneous full circumference shutting feature has also contributed to significant improvement in seat durability. This protects widely designed rubber seats from peeling or deformation for prolonged service life of valvee.

Featured with unique interchangeability of the neck designs.