Results 1 – 38 of 38 Free Shipping on many items across the worlds largest range of Tandberg C Find the perfect Christmas gift ideas with eBay. The TANDBERG C40 Codec provides all the power required to transform any conference room to a HD video conferencing collaboration room. Designed for the. TANDBERG Codec C40 – video conferencing device overview and full product specs on CNET.

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The Tandberg C40 is a High Definition HD videoconferencing system with a basic picture resolution of x pixels at 30 fps frames per second. The Premium Resolution option extends this to x pixels at 30fps or x pixels at 60 fps. Compatibility with other H. The equipment submitted for evaluation had version 3.

Setting up the C40 tanbderg was straightforward. The CODEC unit may be rack mounted in an under monitor cabinet or positioned adjacent to the monitor. The HD camera may be positioned either on top or below a picture monitor. A microphone and an infrared remote control complete the basic package. Tandberb connections for basic operation were clearly illustrated on the installation reference card and in the documentation available on the web and involved:.

The supplied installation card and web sourced Administrators guide were both concise and easy to follow. The equipment submitted for evaluation had Version 3. A rack mount kit is supplied with the system. The CODEC is nearly silent in operation as no cooling fan is fitted but as a consequence the case becomes very hot as it is acting as a heat sink.

To enable good heat dissipation adequate air flow around the unit would be necessary. The CODEC offers single or dual monitor mode of operation including two high definition outputs that support up to wp widescreen. The main HDMI output 4c0 carries audio signals but alternatively there are separate analogue and digital audio outputs available. Version 3 software provides an adjustment which scales the main CODEC output slightly to overcome this problem. At higher bandwidths the system administrator has the option to select the thresholds for p 30 fps or p 60 fps.

We chose the p 60 fps setting during the tests due to tanddberg better motion rendition. This allows both near and far end images to be displayed simultaneously on a single picture monitor. Positioning the POP images vertically rather than side by side enables both images to be displayed wide screen while retaining the image aspect ratio.

The precision p High Definition HD camera features pan, tilt and zoom, functions. When ceiling mounted, upside down the camera image automatically switches to the correct orientation.

The camera unit includes a Kensington lock slot for increased security.

When multiple cameras are in use, for convenience the control signal cables may be daisy-chained between cameras, but as the CODEC is only capable of powering the first camera all the yandberg cameras will require external power supplies. The camera has a native resolution of x pixels at 60 frames per second. Remote camera control is supported.


The camera was silent in operation, but the auto focus sometimes became disorientated and locked in an out of focus position. The camera then had to be moved tandbeeg enable the auto focus to re-engage, this was particularly evident at low light levels and when the lens was zoomed in. If four inputs are a necessity then it is possible to reconfigure CODEC image source c440 by using the Administrator settings via the remote control.

Tandberg C40 Telepresence Video Conferencing Codec Unit Ttc6-11

This is not a trivial task and could exceed the skills of many users. Alternatively if a room control system is available this may tadberg used to automatically reconfigure image source 3 within the CODEC to match the source selected by the user on the touch panel, a much simpler solution.

Although both 50 and 60 frames per second signals are supported on the Digital PC input only 30 frames per second is transmitted. The bandwidth is shared between the presentation channel and the main video, the bandwidth allocation between channels is user configurable. Thus presentation material from a camera and material from a PC or VCR could be transmitted simultaneously and displayed on two monitors at the remote site.

In calls between C40 systems it was possible to transmit two simultaneous high resolution full frame rate tanddberg, the main channel tanbderg x 60fps and the presentation channel at x 30fps. Depending on the type of material being transmitted the user may choose to prioritise either motion or resolution. The table illustrates this:. Each XLR audio input includes a dedicated echo canceller to optimise the systems audio performance.

Analogue stereo audio is available via two Tansberg connectors. Digital stereo may also be obtained from the SPDIF output connector by using additional optional audio equipment and stereo speakers.

Tandberg Video Conferencing Systems – Tandberg Codec C40 4x Integrator Package

The system may be operated locally either from a remote control or via a tanberg control system. The on-screen menus are logical and easy to follow. The system tandbfrg also be remotely configured via a password protected web browser from a network connected PC, however this web connection provides very limited dial control and no web snapshot images are available for system monitoring. A separate downloadable Audio Console web application is also available to assist in advanced configuration of the C40 audio.

The main camera normally occupies the main video channel while the second or presentation channel can be any selected source. Alternatively any source may also be selected for transmission via the main video channel. At the remote site the two images may either be viewed on two separate monitors or using picture outside picture POP displayed c04 a tamdberg large screen. Five context sensitive soft f40 are located at the top of the remote control. The function of these keys is indicated by on-screen menus which appear when the soft key functions are available.

The text within these on-screen soft keys was fairly small and required a largish image for legibility so tandbedg is required in selection of screen size. The system takes a significant period to boot up from cold nearly two minutesduring this time there is no on-screen indication that the system is booting up and the user may think that the system is inoperative.


When not in a call the system automatically goes into sleep mode cc40 a selectable period of time, it can also be put into standby mode via the remote control. An incoming call or movement of the remote control picking it upwill return the system to active mode.

The system information menu displayed call status data including connection speed, compression protocols and packet loss. Enter tandebrg number of the additional site into the call menu or select the site tandbeeg the directory or the recent call list.

In single display mode with no presentation material transmitted or received these are:. Large voice switched current speaker image with small images of remote sites and presentation. Unfortunately this was not successful using auto signal selection or forcing the input to analogue component. At p resolution and 60 frames per second the HD camera signals were impressive.

Full motion high resolution video material played from a PC and transmitted via the main channel was also very good. At p 30 frames per second however the image movement appeared to stutter slightly on motion.

The ability of the system at high bandwidths to transmit two video images simultaneously at high resolution with full frame rate was first tandbedg. The high definition camera coped well with difficult lighting conditions and the inclusion of a lens hood certainly improved the images when compared to earlier versions.

The camera was silent in operation, but the auto focus sometimes became confused tahdberg locked out of focus. The quality of echo cancellation and doubletalk from the system was very good. The Tandberg C40 does not support T. Picture froze — picture goes to black – successful reconnection, call does not terminate.

However the incoming video to the C40 was at times very blocky. Or use the local contacts directory available from the user interface Phone Book or the Recent Calls lists. These inputs may be set to either tandberv or microphone level. As the systems supplied for evaluation were demonstration units we are unable to confirm which cables would be supplied with a purchased system.

The Tandberg C40 is designed to be installed in a rack but is also portable, lightweight and can be moved easily. To establish a connection, each new location will need the local IP address to be re-entered into the configuration menu or its DHCP registration amended.

Audio protocols are automatic so we were only tabdberg to carry out tandbedg tests on G.

Insert increasing amplitude 1 KHz tone at local site, monitor for overload distortion at remote site. Skip to main content.

View active tab What links here.

Picture froze — picture goes to black – call terminates. Resolution Transmitted by the C Resolution Received by the C Object persistence lagging images from previous frames as faded or outline images.