AISLING, BOOK ONE: GUARDIAN. As he pursues a man who is not what he seems, Constable Dallin Brayden learns the lines between enemy and ally, truth . Editorial Reviews. Review. Guardian and the subsequent novels of thetrilogy are not for the Guardian (Aisling Trilogy Book 1) – Kindle edition by Carole Cummings. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. : Beloved Son (Aisling Trilogy) (): Carole Cummings: Books.

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We begin to understand Wil’s ETA: Not only a name, but a key. It’s hard to review this book without giving any spoilers, so I’m going to end with this: May 31, Sally rated it really liked it Shelves: How much influence do aisliing around us, as well as those who govern over us have to shape and mold our beliefs? Wil is a tormented soul who just wants to s An excellent read set in a fascinating world where characterization is the focal point.

Wonderful first cumminvs in a new fantasy series. Bravo Carole Cummings, for creating a book that reminds me why I was such an avid reader in my teens. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I also reclaim aislingg right to not yet rate this book as DIK same as I did the firstno matter that if I actually were going to be stranded on a desert island and had time to choose which books to take I would definitely count these among them.

Aisling Trilogy by Carole Cummings | Collections | DSP Publications

Humankind possesses a dual nature, the ability to rise to the brightest heights—or sink to the darkest and most perverse depths. He is used and abused, oppressed, but he also never gives in to defeat. If you haven’t read the books, you won’t enjoy the stories. This book is in ckmmings top favorites of the year. The author does an excellent job of building tension without ratcheting it up to ridiculous proportions. The guys are on the run for the entirety of this book. In the end, can Wil actually choose himself over his Guardian?


It is an intriguing fantasy about two men who are caught up in magical and political violence and cumimngs, and are finding that neither they nor the world around them are what they had previously believed.

I knew the second book in the series would probably incorporate cumminge and I was prepared for Book Two to be a little uneven and not shine quite as brightly as Book One. The knowledge presents a dilemma for Dallin.

If I’d been recently busted for being up after aislkng out, I’d hide under the covers with a favorite read and a flashlight.

Angry bees and shagging squirrels and soot and more soot and wells gone dry But then, if you enjoy fantasy, run don’t walk to your book vendor and give this a try.

I’m excited to learn how Wil’s “name” fits into all of this. Dec 16, Avivs rated it did not like it. The reader enters this complex world with basically no background with I am glad I read this novel based on reader reviews cqrole than my own interest. Nov 14, MsMiz Tina rated it it was amazing Shelves: I started this book, and “Dream” didn’t dissapoint. I want to sleep with this at night. They are embracing their new powers, tentative trust and – each other. He’d thought this was finished.


Through their journey, carkle learn more about their powers and their connection to the Gods, the Dominion, the Guild, the Brethren, and the Old Ones. Review This series has been a masterpiece in the making, a wonder to behold, and I am in utter awe of it.

At some stages even a bit boring. There is no info-dump. By the end of the book, very little is as it started, and the changes are perfectly plotted and in character. Wilfred Calder is Trouble; or maybe he is just In Trouble; or both. For Wil and Dallin, newfound love might not be enough.

Aisling Series

We finally get to see Siofra Wil’s jailer and torturer in action. In the second book, delightfully, we also get even more of the developing relationship between Dallin and Wil. Magic, religion, shamans, tension between countries, murder and so much more. Cumminggs men were brought together by fate in a world of magic, murder, politics, and religion. And unfortunately, you just barely start to see the shape of things emerging from the weave when it runs into an almost painfully abrupt ending.

View all 11 comments. However, I fell in love with them. With each chapter, the world slowly unfolds while the characters become more and more complex. Damn, but Wil was so cummingw, hopelessly lonely!

It is beautifully written, Ms. And watching Wil lean on Dallin now and then is sweet and satisfying. And then this happened: