Castle Drachenfels is a ruined fortress located high in the Grey Mountains, which form the border between The Empire and Bretonnia. For centuries the castle. So they added it as a cosmetic on the map But what are the chances of Drachenfels ever being in the game?. Welcome to Castle Drachenfels. This Warhammer Fantasy. Roleplay adventure allows you to explore the grim fortress of the Great Enchanter from Jack Yeovil’s.

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Drachenfels can be considered the Vandal Savage to Nagash’s Darkseid. For the time at least From here, he launched attack after attack at the races of the mortal world using all the armies of Destruction, as dracyenfels submitted to him as a superior being.

The second Grimoire is located in a room on the opposite side of the drop down to the statue event. He served them wine laced with paralyzing poison, then laid an elaborate feast out in front of them.

Rather than having a direct goal like taking over the world, destroying the Empire, consuming the Warp, and so on Drachenfels has never sought specific ends. It’s generally advised to take the rightmost route as it’s more narrow than the middle one and closer to the exit than the left one but every route should be fine.

Retrieved from ” http: Once there, he defeated the guard of the city to the last, then demanded the wealth of the province in tribute. The castle itself was to be razed but Oswald intervened, wanting to preserve the castle as a reminder of his great victory. He manages to control an entire village and gets to personally possess Luthor Huss, Witch Hunter extraordinaire.


Castle Drachenfels is a ruined fortress located high in the Grey Mountainswhich form the border between The Empire and Bretonnia. Years later, Oswald hired a great playwright to direct a production within the castle of Oswald’s “heroic” defeat of Drachenfels.

Oswald managed to deal the killing blow to him and his death destroyed the Undead and Daemons in his service. Daemons of Chaos 7th Editionpg.

Castle Drachenfels – Warhammer – Age of Sigmar – Lexicanum

Views Read Edit View history. The Old Ones could have done the latter, and then moved their experimented humans batch to pre-Nehekara. As Drachenfels only ever existed in one book series and one Warhammer Fantasy RPG book, he’s unlikely to ever get a miniature. The greenskins fled the fortress, and anything that remained was killed. dgachenfels

One of the children who survived the sick game grew to be Drachenfeps von Konigswald, who became an Elector Count. Yeah, that’s a pretty glaring example of being a Villain Sue.

By this point, Drach decides to throw his lot in with the winning side that is Chaos and is in league with the corpse of Isabella Von Carstein. Vermintide 2 content can be found at the Vermintide 2 Wiki.


Though Gelt joins them later due to this, so everything ended up working out fine.


This page was last edited dtachenfels 9 Januaryat Then tell him a week later Drachenfels came back and ate the soul of his children. The plot was foiled only in the last moment; the castle was later razed to the ground. Thus, Drachenfels would have been essentially Warhammer Vandal Savage. Christoph Engelthe Master Wizard dgachenfels Ubersreik requests your party to recover a powerful artifact from Castle Drachenfels before the skaven can aquire it.

Despite being of near power to himself, he declared them to be his subordinates, and demanded tribute of Daemon forces periodically afterwards.

Views View Edit Edit source History. It is stored in the back of this very room.

About Vermintide Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Indeed, his whole reason for siding with Nagash is to try and recover his identity, because he’s forgotten who he is. VermintideCastle Drachenfels was added as an expansion. The next catle he appeared in history, he marched his forces of Daemons and Undead through Athel Loren and attacked a Bretonnian province called Parravon.