Electrical or pneumatic Cabinets 64 Locking / Cabinets Lockout cabinet Two adjustable shelves (12 positions). Locked CATU Electrical Safety. Search in CATU catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click. From this standpoint, CATU is fully committed to supporting you in these changes . Firstly, with many new products designed and produced by our teams for you.

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Voltage presence is indicated by: Interposed elastic washers in the clamping system improve efficiency and ensure a higher withstand in case of electrodynamic shock.

CATU Electrical Safety 2015 Catalogue

High resistance aluminium alloy rack, used for clamping onto poles 14 to 2041 cm wide. Glove Types, Classes, and Categories There are 2 main types of insulating gloves: Reference mm mm CM cstalogue. Locking device for the control units of numerical machines, cranes, winches, overhead cranes. Threaded adapter Smooth threaded terminals for positioning shunts live working tools or earthing equipment and short circuit cabinets terminals LV. Electrical or pneumatic socket locker device.

Insulating gloves offer personal protection against electrical shocks when working on or near live wires.


Authorized employment ERDF equipment. The phase is identified with an amperemetric clamp connected to the receiver and positioned around the phase to be identified.

| Le monde de la sécurité électrique

Polycarbonate lens and frame with a panoramic field of vision. Any category combination may be used. An electric arc follows a short circuit. Built-in function test via the “TEST” button which covers the entire device. Absence of an audible signal when there is caatlogue discrepancy between the two phases. CC high environmental resistance: Lead set for checks on L.

Check your gloves size page Skirting on three sides.

All CATU catalogs and technical brochures

Adapted to a temporary and frequent use. Contact electrodes fitted to the housing by screwing and are easily interchangeable. General products indexMV Substation equipment Leather belts with cast buckles. Built-in shock absorption in the Composite toe J. For other voltage range: More generally, the safety recommendations are included in Directive CE7: Works on a static 11mm lanyard.

One reference including 3 phases, so 3 clamps equipped. Clamp stick mounting type. Transparent PVC sheath, with cable section identification. MC Flat bar, thickness Test button and continuity control. M 1 all kit carrying bag.

Self locking contact clamp: Easy and quick to install, it requires no earth work. For deep earth connections.

Holes Reference Locking mm g mm HL 7 18 positions 9. The MX includes a modulator A and a receiver B. Only visual inspection is required for class 0. Adhesive clip supplied to attach to helmet or shield. Indicating both the detector is operational and the self testing of the unit continues.


S This device enables to check the absence or presence of voltage on three phases L1, L2, L3. Front closed by injected zip every plastic part hidden. Equipment includes either 5 or 6 copper-aluminium alloy stubs Reference Socket kg MT 5 1. In accordance with IEC standard and according class 0 specifications.

CATU Electrical Safety Catalogue |

Number of locks g mm Weight Diameter mm Packaging Trip worm to allow space for the padlock shackle. Insulating boots Provide electrical insulation protecting “step voltages. This tests all of the detector’s active components once the TEST button is released.

Do not use for welding operations. Only visual inspection is required for class 00 and 0.

The connection is made between phases for identifying the cable or between phase and neutral for identifying a phase.