Cattell, R. B. (). Theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence: A critical experiment. Journal of Educational Psychology, 54(1), /. Crystallized Intelligence: Examples & Definition . These two tasks illustrate two different types of intelligence proposed by Raymond Cattell known as ‘fluid Psychology has offered many theories about intelligence over the. Charles Spearman’s noted student Raymond Cattell expanded on Spearman’s theory of a unified g and explored the difference between two independent but.

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Hebb Papers MG Later, Hebb’s students made improvements to the Hebb-Williams maze as a test of intelligence for the rat Rabinovitch and Rosvold,and used this test to examine the effects of environmental enrichment on problem solving in rats Forgays and Forgays, ; Hymovitch, It would appear that Hebb’s theory of intelligence A and intelligence B was renamed by Cattell and incorporated into his paper.

The Research Council of Norway. Retrieved Dec 26, from Explorable. The effects of experimental variations on problem solving in the rat.

Fluid and crystallized intelligence – Wikipedia

However, I wonder a little whether Hebb, in recognizing these later parts of the theory as his own, really means that he recognizes an explicit statement of what was implicit in some of the facts and notions he discussed. Clinical evidence concerning the nature of normal adult test performance [Abstract].

Some researchers question whether the results of training are long lasting and transferable, especially when these techniques are used by healthy children and adults without cognitive deficiencies. It may be proposed that intellectual development includes two distinct things: He also discussed Thurston and Thompson’s alternative methods for measuring intelligence which are described in the first two sections of his paper Cattell, The remaining sections of this paper examine Hebb’s research on the measurement of intelligence in brain injured patients of different ages; the papers presented by Cattell and Hebb at the APA Meeting, and the correspondence between Cattell and Hebb which followed this meeting and led up to their publications.


A child can be understood to be born with nothing but Gf and later develop their Gc according to their education and life experience. It is associated with the action of the whole cortex.

Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence

Hebb sent the typed version of his APA talk to Cattell. Carroll however, could not find any mention of the theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence in Cattell’s writings until Cattell also replied to Humphrey to explain how he developed his theory. Cattell’s student John Horn continued to develop the theory of crystallized and fluid intelligence Horn and Cattell, Hebb were critical of the ability of the currently available tests to accurately measure intelligence and both began to develop improved tests of intelligence.

Hebb and Penfieldpp. Acknowledgments I am indebted to Bem Allen of the Western Illinois University for his letter inquiring about the relationship between Cattell’s theory and Hebb’s research on adult intelligence and for his comments on an earlier draft of the manuscript. Process, personality, interests, and knowledge”. Cattell is credited with the development of the theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence. Carrollp.

In fact, the notion of taking an IQ test at all would be a novel experience and not something she could tackle using her education or past experience. Sensitivity to subtle sequelae of mild traumatic brain injury”. Cattell also enclosed a revised version of his manuscript which Hebb edited.

In no case did it appear that IQ was reduced after surgery. vattell

In terms of the clinical evaluation of intelligence in brain damaged patients, Hebb bp. In the s and early s, both Raymond B.

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The author declares that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest. I know to my cost how easy it is to do something of the kind. It means lasting changes in the way one sees things, the way one approaches a problem.


Learning and the living system. It is a non-verbal multiple choice test.

This paper examines the work of Hebb and Cattell on intelligence, their correspondence, the development of the ideas of fluid and crystallized intelligence, and why Cattellp. In fact, it is these extreme socio-religious beliefs and their relationship to his scientific contributions that lead to the postponement of the presentation of the American Psychological Foundation Gold Medal Award for Life Achievement in Psychological Science to Cattell in The concept of social status [Abstract.

Hebb and Cattell: The Genesis of the Theory of Fluid and Crystallized Intelligence

The paper concludes with a discussion of Hebb and Cattell’s work on the measurement of intelligence after Its context is in referring to the desirability of finding some common ground between the qualitative analysis, by quantitative methods, of Thurstone, and the clinical analysis of my MS. You told me in your first letter that your theory had been conceived as a result of our conversation; it was clear to me tgeory the time that you were not thinking in the terms that I was; you told me the next morning, after I had read my paper and sat down beside you, that my intelilgence had given you some ideas and that you would write to me about them; and it was a shock to me later to meet my own hypothesis in your MS.

Fluid and crystallized intelligence are discrete factors of general intelligenceor g. Support Center Support Center. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.