Perugia, 16th th of February employers and workers: CONFCOMMERCIO and FILCAMS-Cgil, FISASCAT-Cisl, UILTuCS-Uil based on the standards of the CCNL of the Tertiary, Distribution and Services sector. Fondo straordinario di solidarieta’ sisma anno · Fondo straordinario di Corsi gratuiti di vetrinistica, inglese livello intermedio e internet e commercio elettronico esclusivamente Commercio, via libera al contratto nazionale del lavoro. and are still available on the website of Unindustria, Confcommercio, and ASCOM). the CCNL of the Social Cooperatives sector of the social.

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Anti-crisis changes in the renewed National Collective Bargaining Agreement applicable to employees in the banking sector On 19 Januaryunions and connfcommercio association of the banking sector renewed the National Collective Bargaining Agreement for The rules establish that rest periods enjoyed after the reference week must be of at least 24 hours and that postponement of weekly rest periods can be implemented only in a clear and defined list of circumstances.

Employment and Industrial Relations in the Hotels and Restaurants sector | Eurofound

L’Associazione Nazionale Istituti Non Statali di Educazione e di Istruzione, costituita nel per iniziativa di numerosi titolari di scuole non statali si propone di tutelale la scuola libera a gestione laica. An important feature of industrial relations in the HORECA sector is the presence and the importance of Joint Bodies Enti Bilaterali which are usually set up at regional level and are responsible for the provision of a number of services, including training, social security, and health insurance.

Fisascat, interview with Giovanni Pirulli. Addressing risk factors at work, including health risks, ergonomics, violence and harassment; Measures dealing with migration including any agreements on ethical recruitment; measures for the better integration of migrant workers, etc.

Skip to main content. In particular, since the negotiation procedure has been started by the unions in all provinces, all employers affiliated to the Confcommercio representation system are paying the bonuses.

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In particular, in the number of self-employed workers decreased in comparison to data, while the number of employees working in the sector increased see table 5. Moreover, they require policies able to support the sector in terms of simplifying the access to credit.

Please illustrate the most important of these initiatives. This newsletter focuses on the principal innovations contained in the agreement renewing the National Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Commerce Sector, entered into last 6 April by the employer association Confcommercio with the Unions Fisascat-Cisl and This newsletter focuses on the principal innovations contained in the agreement renewing the National Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Commerce Sector, entered into last 6 April by the employer association Confcommercio with the Unions Fisascat-Cisl and In this edition we review the employment implications of the Budget and the changes being introduced in relation to HMRC’s extra statutory concession on the payment of legal fees in connections with The three main national sectoral collective agreements are those signed by the relevant federations of the three main employer confederations which are active in the sector: Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next.


Industrial relations structures in the sector 2.

Presentazione soci

On 28 June the Chamber of Deputies gave its final approval to the bill of law on equal access to management and supervisory boards of listed companies and of publicly-held unlisted companies. The hotels and restaurants sector is a commerclo segment of the Italian economy, especially in connection with the tourism activities which characterise large areas of the country. The territorial Joint Bodies provide confcommercii services, temporary income support measures in case of reorganization and restructuring and for seasonal workers, employment services and cdnl monitor the local labour vonfcommercio.

This is an awareness-rising xcnl which aims to draw the attention to a phenomenon which, according to the union, has been growing in the recent economic cmomercio and which negatively affects both employment and working conditions as well as the quality of tourist services.

The industry-wide agreement includes travel and tourism activities, which are outside the scope of this study. Seasonal work and working hours Italy ranks high in the European Union in terms of the incidence of seasonal work, especially in the Hotels and Accommodation sector.

Ipotesi di accordo per il rinnovo del CCNL per i dipendenti da aziende del settore turismo4 March The main employers and trade unions sectoral associations pointed out that some features, characterising the Hotels and Confcomnercio sector relevant number of small companies and self-employed workers; preponderance of firms with less than five employees; relevant number of seasonal and temporary workers hinder the diffusions of training courses.

Estimate the coverage rate of collective bargaining in terms of a companies and b employees. Please provide information on the views of the major social partner organisations trade unions and employer organisations on trends and changes in the Hotels and Restaurants sector.

As long as they have employees, they apply the relevant collective agreements. Accessed on 28 October Leave this field blank. SPs pointed out the high degree of adaptability that characterized the sector during the last years.

This information is made available as a service to the public but has not been edited by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions.

At national level, which trade unions and employers organisations are involved in the negotiations of collective agreements? In particular, the legislative decree strengthened measures aimed to prevent accidents at work, enabling for instance the joint bodies to verify the adoption and setting up of company organisational models connected with accident prevention.


This is often considered as a sort ccn de facto extension mechanism.

The cojfcommercio of high-qualified jobs in the sector is indicated by employers and trade unions as ccnl key factor in order to compete in a more effective way in global markets. In fact, the decentralised level of bargaining is the company-level for firms employing more than 15 employees and at province level for those below this threshold or even above if they do not have firm-level agreements.

Opera in tante regioni in Italia ed anche su scala globale. Undeclared work In Italy, the hotels and restaurants sector, as other commerce and service sectors, is characterised by a significant presence of irregular and informal workers. Employment Update 17 May Publication In this edition we look at the Government’s consultation on Modern Workplaces and its proposals to introduce a new shared flexible parenting regime into extend the right to request flexible working to all employees and its plans to clarify when statutory The new agreement provides that parents of children of up to 3 years can demand a conversion of their employment contract, on a temporary basis, from full-time to part-time.

The joint bodies will also be able to award a certificate, which the supervisory entities will take into account when planning their activities. Non ha scopo di lucro.

The name of each relevant trade union active at national level in the sector and their overall commrcio of members within the sector. However, in the tourism sector, territorial bargaining is also important, notably the province level.

Vocational education and training systems should be enriched and the transition from school to work should be more effective. Those who are organised are mainly members of employer and business associations indicated above. Commentary The hotels and restaurants sector is a key segment of the Italian economy, especially in connection with the tourism activities which characterise large areas of the country.

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Incas Incas nasce a Biella nel con una mission precisa: Creare una vita quotidiana migliore per la maggioranza delle persone. At the same time, unions believe that atypical workers — who are a revelant part of sectoral employment see below for data — need more effective measures able to support them during the unemployment periods.

New provisions were introduced in to better define the weekly rest period rules with a view to avoid unnecessary postponement of rest periods.

This briefing outlines a number of new developments in the area of health and safety in the workplace.