Hello! A german walkthrough is available at ceville walkthrough We will also help in the forum. Kind regards!. Popular Steam Guides Written guides, references, and walkthroughs podrás seguir todos los pasos necesarios para traducir el juego “Ceville” al castellano. For Ceville on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Link to walkthrough:”.

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Now Ceville is disguised from a vertically challenged King to a tall thin chef. Get rid of chef and find a disguise. She leaves and to have the fairy dress cleaned. It is just what he wanted.

Ceville Hints from UHS. Not your ordinary walkthrough.

Watch what Wqlkthrough does to Ceville to get him into the dining room of the castle. Look at autograph picture on the table right of the entrance.

If time runs out, ask for coffee again. Use the stage hook with the sleeping fairy. A dirty Championship shield is given to Ceville as consolation prize. Take red circle on a black flag. Lilly has a slingshot. He hid it under his helmet.

Ceville : The Walkthrough King

Talk to the guards about the flag. If you haven’t taken the help wanted sign from the sleeping goblin yet, do so now. Think you’re an expert in Ceville? Take the road left of the fairy house. Once more, use the tickets with the dwarf. Talk to the Head of the Council and ask to start voting. Take parsley from left corner of the raised tomato bed.


The guards locked Ceville walkthdough the torture room. Take white flag from dumbwaiter. Talk to the dwarven ambassador and Lilly tells him about the sale. Use the spade with sand dune.

Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. See that the backdoor is also locked and the key is still in the lock. Try to take the crowbar on the floor right of the Councilor. It drops on the fire. As Ambrosiususe the sword of demon slaying with the screw holding the demon mask. Use the crowbar with snack machine and get large pile of coins.

Walkthrogh to the elf ambassador until she says she threw the key of the lock to the shrubbery. Go back to the gate. Use boarding axe with large Ceville statue behind the throne. Use small stone with small vial on top of the table. See the 2 goblins working the display.

Then select ‘ShowStar is starting. The cat lands on qalkthrough edge of the shelf and the mask with Ambrosius falls walkthroug. Talk to the Head of the Council. Use cherry with depressed chef. Learn the rules of the duel: Go right and talk to the troll guarding the gold price display.


How would you rate our hints for Ceville? While talking to the queen, Basilius adds something to the bowl of cherries beside her.

Exit the council chamber. Enter the auditorium door left of the dressing table. The bar ape leaves the bar and climbs up the coconut tree to get fresh coconut. Use the key with grandfather clock. Lilly cleans the cat basket with cat on it and it starts swinging. Lilly asks to be one of the models. On the map, click on the mountain at left. Select the cat basket swing boat as the target. Try to push chef on rocks ice.

Turn the weapon rack so that the paladin walkthdough see himself again.

Ceville Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

Talk to the crying actress. Take walkthrrough thread press space bar from the broken hammock. Go back up to the office. Talk to the Druid completely.