CFONB in XMLdation service. “XMLdation currently has validation service for following payment definitions: CFONB pain SEPA. France had one single credit transfer format: the CFONB. This format is no longer based on the CFONB format. Phased out since the. Management of your SEPA payments (SCT), CFONB, ISO Formats. National: CFONB ; International: CFONB ; SEPA XML; ISO

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In order to configure vfonb installation, each bank must provide in advance to his customer the information needed to describe its subscription. It is the responsibility of software suppliers to provide a user manual. The scope of this CFONB guide is limited to file transfers between customer workstations located in France and bank servers located in France.

Sending of the 3 certificates: The list below is the complete list of OrderType mandatory in France. This is not a user manual for customers.

Software management payments collections SEPA account statements EBICS digital signature

It is the responsibility of software vendors to make available to customers the features needed to secure the access to the customer workstation and the sensitive data. Security of your payments. Interoperability between customer workstations and bank servers In some of your subsidiaries or for particular orders, where you do not have a management tool installed, you can either: Once the validation rules for your workflow have been defined in Allmybanks, they are automatically applied to each remittance entered online or sent from your management software Find out more.

Others controls to be carried out by the protocol on the banking data e. Two cases are possible: In this case, they can be placed one after the other and merged in a single physical file.


Other namespaces must not be shown. It is recommended that the user interface and the prints are in French. All of your banks displayed in an identical way The option to carry out consolidation operations designed according to your needs, with or without currency conversion Multicriteria transaction search function allows you to search all your banks at once.

Control of your data. The customer workstation must be able to retrieve both types of acknowledgments.

Interoperability between customer workstations and bank servers Each customer workstation must be able to connect to various bank servers which are in conformity with the recommendations of this guide. Mathematical function allowing data integrity’s control. DataLog Finance is a treasury and cash management software publisher Cash Pooler, Cash Value, Cash Matching, Cash Risk created by cash management, software and new technologies professionals.

E portfolio In progress by drawee In progress by due date Select your due dates to transmit to the bank. This document includes the certificate, in DER format, together with information identifying the user user ID, partner ID, and possibly UserName and the seal hash of the certificate in a printable format necessary for the reconciliation.

Import orders into Exabanque in text format with separators CSV or Excel Enter your transactions directly into Exabanque online, using the database of your beneficiaries saved in the program. In this case, the PSR can not be deparsed directly by the customer workstation. Contact Client login Login using a certificate Free trial.

It may be recalled that the signed data are generally sensitive, such as the hash and the file containing the signatures. For an example of calculated hash refer to Annex 6.

Authentication is the act of establishing or confirming someone as authentic. Poor management of these transactions can lead to excessive costs and insufficient liquidity.

End-to-end monitoring of all remittances you send to the banks Reliability of payments you make. However you use Exabanque for the import of standardised files or text files, or for entriesaccess rights and authorised transactions are subject to a system that controls user rights and signing authority in a way that can be adapted to your needs: Any other combination with A, B or T causes a reject Example with 2 personal signatures ‘double-signature mandatory’ In this case, two signatures are required for the treasury credit transfers Fileformat: An initial study made it possible to choose between an internal development and implementation of a software package.


The AES encryption algorithm is used. The reconciliation process will differ depending on the case. Secure your payments with Allmybanks.

The signature of this user has power to authorize the orders as written in the contract between the user and the bank through his signature made by a personal certificate issued to him by a CA and recognized by the Bank.

Some banks may offer specific reporting services various reporting frequencies, Functions available today The French subsidiary was the first to be operational.

Users quickly up and running thanks to the software’s simple and intuitive ergonomics Total autonomy of set-up Cash flow management which is independent of your banks. The customer must have the tools to secure the Internet connection firewall, anti-virus.

Manage your payments and collections with Allmybanks

It provides you with a multi-bankable Standard application. Entry Import text with separators Standardised import Direct debits B. Content protection for confidential remittances salaries, director’s fees, etc. Those commands are used: This represents in all nearly one million payments on an annual basis.