Dust jacket and interior illustrations by J. K. Potter Subterranean Press is proud to present an exclusive hardcover of Charles Stross’ Hugo award-winning. Welcome to the Stasis, the clandestine, near-omnipotent organization that stands at the heart of Charles Stross’s Hugo Award-winning novella, Palimpsest. Palimpsest. by Charles Stross. from Wireless (). Hugo Novella Winner Tags: Science Fiction, Hugo Winner, Novella.

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This is a Hugo-nominated novella from Charles Stross’ short story collection “Wireless” that was released as a stand-alone e-book.

What have you done for our Father today? However, the Opposition, an organization that seems to struggle against the Stasis, has been created over time, and it seems that Pierce is somehow tied to it. Palimpsest follows Charlez Pierce from initiation, through his twenty years of training, to his gruesome graduation ceremony, and onto his assignments as a new agent. Dave DuPlantis 3 9. Beyond it, ranks of angled wooden writing desks spanned the room from wall to wall.

You wanted to see me, he said. Occasionally stellar remnants collide, then the void is illuminated by flashes of lightning, titanic blasts of radiation as the supernovae and gamma-ray bursters flare.

I speak to you today of the structure of human history and the ways in which we may interact with it. Jan 11, Clyde rated it it was amazing Shelves: Accelerando meets the Total Awareness Society.

I enjoyed it, although I thought it had quite a lot palimpswst things in common with the end of eternity, but there’s nothing wrong with that as such given that TEOE is quite good, or at least I found it so.


But you will be too late. Continents slide and drift, scurrying and scraping across the surface of the mantle.

charels It will whisper through your carotid artery and your trachea, bringing your life to a gurgling, airless fadeout. Pierce sat down in front of the empty desk and laid his hands palm down on the blotter.

His eyes scanned the throne room.


Stasis demands eternal vigilance, brothers and sisters. You will draw your dagger as your phone sends out xtross request for a timegate two seconds back in time and a meter behind you. The near-immortal agents of Stasis have access to time gate technology, and they use their access to all of time and space to stop the human race destroying itself. At this hour the yard was half-empty, for the tavern made much of its trade in food.

Palimpseste by Charles Stross

Scholar Yarrow asked me to, to intercede. As opposed to mere excitement, or curiosity, or perplexity? Torque gestured at the dome above them. Stasis is very powerful, but it is not always right. This page was last edited on 7 Decemberat I came to thank you, she said haltingly. Am I in free fall? We are certain of our case, and consequently willing to abide by the word of the Library of the Guardians of Time. Xiri reemerged from her seclusion to direct the servants and robots in setting the receiving room of their mansion aright; the boys also emerged, showing no sign of understanding what had just happened.

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Where no planets are available, life is harder, prone to sudden extinction events: Like any organization, it lives and grows for itself, not for the task with which it is charged. Did you know about it? The best examples of this are the intermittent slide shows. The enemy are always trying to sneak bugs in: Craters, rills, drab, irregular features and a scattering of straight-edged rectangular crystals.

Palimpsest (novella) – Wikipedia

How badly do they want you? Subterranean Press has announced that they will be reprinting the novella separately in You need not leave until the pleasures of flesh and mind pale, and the novelty of infinite luxury becomes a weight on your ;alimpsest. If you want to read an xharles copy, it lalimpsest available in my short story collection “Grim Meathook Futures are Grim and Feature Meathooks” “Wireless”: He determined to give it his all.

And sometimes they come back changed. Who do you want me to rat out? The journalist, who his bowing and shuffling concierge explained had been sent by the city archive to document his life, was young, pretty, and shiny-eyed.

Palimpseste by Charles Stross Goodreads Author. Where most authors go wrong in their time travel plots is a desire to make sense.