ABSTRACT. Here we present data on the morphology and habits of male and female individuals of Chelonoidis carbonaria and on their diet based on scat. Abstract. In the Bolivian Chaco, the tortoise Chelonoidis carbonaria is an important reptile for indigenous people for subsistence purposes and in traditional. Family, Testudinidae Batsch, – Tortoises. Genus, Chelonoidis Fitzinger, Species, Chelonoidis carbonaria (Spix, ) – Red-footed Tortoise.

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Red-footed tortoise

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Chelonoidis carbonarius | The Reptile Database

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Tweet Please submit feedback about this entry to the curator. Reptarium The Reptile Database. Chelonoidis carbonarius SPIX, Can you confirm these amateur observations of Chelonoidis carbonarius? Web pages and scripting Jiri Hosek. Synonymy modified after CEI National Center for Biotechnology Information http: